Dear Metro Families,
In Ecclesiastes 7:18, we read that the person who fears God and follows His ways avoids unhelpful extremes. At a time like this, extremes can be natural responses. Someone might feel anxious or fearful; another might feel intrepid or cavalier.
At Metro, we desire to honor God and to serve others by shepherding each other down the narrow path that promotes, protects, and provides life, health, and well-being.
To that end, as you know, we’ve been closely monitoring the coronavirus situation since it became public several weeks ago. Since then, among other things, we’ve been briefed by the governor’s office; we’ve been in frequent contact with the Tulsa Health Department; we’ve increased our cleaning-up, wiping-down, and airing-out procedures; we’ve reminded our folks of flu-type protocols; we’ve increased our utilization of an electrostatic, antimicrobial spraying system that clings disinfectantly to surfaces; and, we’ve been developing a plan for the possibility of any closures. 
We will be updating Metro families over Spring Break re: any post-Spring Break return scenarios.
For now, let’s be careful and prayerful. And, let’s all try to enjoy a wonderful Spring Break.

For those of us around Tulsa:

For those who plan to travel:
  • Please refer to CDC’s world map and travel plans FAQ’s.
  • Upon return, please comport to any and all quarantine protocols.
  • Please note that although Metro does not track the travel of its faculty, families, students, and staff, per se, nonetheless, those traveling (especially outside of the country) are expected to check CDC’s world map and CDC’s travel plans FAQ’sAnyone who travels in a Level-2 or higher Travel Health Notice area is expected to be in touch with the CDC, THD, and/or Homeland Security, and to quarantine for 14 days upon return.
So, as we all continue down paths of prevention and preparation, let’s also commit ourselves to prayer. Prayers for healing, for health, for wisdom, for protection, and for peace.
And, thru it all, let’s secure our resolve in and reliance upon our Lord; and, let’s learn from and lean upon experts to provide pertinent guidance down the path, as well.
In this together, 
Keith A. Currivean, Ph.D.
Head of School
Mark 4:39
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