Your Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon Virtual Runner Bag. (Your real goodie bag has cool stuff in it too, but we're saving the trees and putting "printed material" in here)
It's The Virtual Runner Bag
We're eliminating the paper from your race packets while we make these offers available to everybody! So while your race bag will have some valuable contents, this will give you a chance to look up all of the offers later.

Meanwhile, THANK YOU for choosing Grand Rapids as your running destination.                      



This is a sample of our Virtual Runner Bag. We'd like you to participate. If you normally print paper flyers, you can save all that money and we'll distribute your information to all of our runners at once.

We're scheduling this to go out on October 11, 2017, 4 days prior to the race 

If you'd like to participate, see the block below with instructions, as well as a couple more sample ads to check out.
Sample Entry Here
If you’ve been injured running or playing your favorite sport, turn to the expert team at Metro Health Sports Medicine. With access to advanced imaging and diagnostics, we can get you back to the activities you love sooner. Call (616) 252-7778 for an appointment at one of our five West Michigan locations. 
Instructions to Our Sponsors
We need three things from you.

  1. A logo or picture
  2. A blurb of the text you'd like included
  3. A link to the place you'd the runner to go to see your offer (like an online coupon, your website, or some other cool place of your choosing.

More samples below.

Send your information to:
Subject line: Virtual Runner Bag

We can adapt sizing, etc. So if it doesn't exactly fit this space, we'll make something work!!!

More Samples:
Not A Sponsor Already?

You can still participate! For information on getting stuff into our virtual or our real-life goodie bag, go to HERE
Gazelle Sports - We have all your running needs!
We love to help people get moving and keep moving! If you're feeling sore after the big day, come see us for recovery options like Addaday rollers, foam rollers, compression gear, and nutrition. Our expert staff is ready to help you find the best options for your needs. Good luck everyone!


Culver’s of West Michigan are proud to be a sponsor of the 2016 Grand Rapids Marathon!
Enjoy the frozen custard provided after the race but also sign up for Culver’s eClub and receive special offers, coupons, sneak peeks of new menu items and updates from your local Culver’s. Want on-the-go alerts and offers? Join Text Club, too.
Join Team Priority Health 
We’re looking for new Champions to join Team Priority Health. Real people like you who are looking to improve their health and inspire others. Champions receive perks, like discounts on races, access to wellness classes and the ability to earn points to cash in for athletic gear. Apply today!
Apply today at
Groundhog Day Marathon
 Join us when the weather is a whole lot worse! February 2-3, 2018. Cold snow, hot soup. This race is not for wimps. You got what it takes?

Run With Us
 Grand Rapids Running Club 

Join us starting in January for our Fifth Third River Bank Run Mentor Group training program.