A Message from CEO Chris Carrillo on ShowingTime
Hello Jean,

Metro MLS is aware of Zillow's recent acquisition of ShowingTime.

According to Inman, Zillow has said it will operate ShowingTime as an open platform for the entire real estate industry and maintain independent data privacy policies as its contractually obligated.

At the same time, we know that Zillow has made changes in business strategies within the last year, becoming a licensed broker and applying to be a Metro MLS participant.

As a result, Metro MLS is currently investigating all aspects and ramifications of this acquisition. We also are reviewing all options, including continuing with the ShowingTime relationship and evaluating alternative showing platforms. 

I appreciate the reaction and concerns you have raised. However, I encourage members to be mindful of their comments on this announcement. We oppose any discussions that could violate antitrust laws or give the illusion of a group boycott.

Stay tuned as we continue to investigate this further. In the meantime, it would be helpful to hear your thoughts on the question below.
Metro MLS Needs Your Feedback!
In light of Zillow's acquisition of ShowingTime, would you support the idea of Metro MLS implementing a new showing service that would be available to all of Metro MLS's membership? Your feedback will assist Metro MLS in determining whether we change services.
Yes, I support the idea of a new showing service.
No, I do not support the idea of a new showing service.
I do not have enough information to decide.
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