In response to the current pandemic COVID-19, Metro MLS is taking active steps to protect our members, their clients, and our staff. One of these steps is removing the requirement to show properties in active status. A property for sale, yet not showing due to recommended social distancing, may remain in active status. 
If your sellers choose not to show their property during this time, we require you to disclose it in the PUBLIC REMARKS

An example of disclosure in PUBLIC REMARKS :

"Due to the recommendation of social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this property will not be shown per the seller's request."

*Please note, if the seller(s) chooses not the allow showings on the ACTIVE listed property, it must be disclosed in the public remarks, and the listing agent also CAN NOT show the property to comply with Clear Cooperation.

This decision is a temporary response to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. We expect this temporary change to be in place during the duration of this crisis and the Safer at Home order by WI Governor Tony Evers. However, we will also continue to monitor requirements and recommendations from the CDC and local government health organizations moving forward.

Thank you for being a valuable member, stay well.
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