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August 2018
ATEM Television Studio Pro HD combines a professional broadcast hardware control panel with an integrated internal 8 input live production switcher designed for AV professionals. Included are 4 SDI and 4 HDMI inputs with re-sync on all inputs so you can use it with broadcast or consumer cameras.

ATEM Television Studio Pro HD is powerful and small enough for the most challenging sets on location. You can remotely control cameras, program sophisticated effects and mix multi channel audio using a small control panel that doesn’t require a separate box for the switcher. The built in multi-viewer lets you add a monitor to simultaneously view program, preview or source views on a single screen, without bringing multiple displays to the show site.

You get full control of your switcher, including camera inputs, transitions, keyers, fader bar, settings, DVE (digital video effects) positioning and more. The panel can be used simultaneously with the ATEM Software Control so one operator can be switching the show while another is loading media, mixing audio, or controlling cameras.

  • All transitions are instantly available on the dedicated hardware panel and include the same cut, mix and wipe transitions that you can control from the ATEM Software.

  • This switcher can cut directly, use the mix and wipe buttons and fader bar or just press AUTO to trigger the selected transition.

  • When using ATEM Television Studio Pro HD, selecting macros is faster because you can access all the stored macros at the push of a button.

  • You don’t need to use the software to work with macros.

  • If you edit or modify a macro, the change will appear on all connected control panels; the macros are stored in the switcher.
  • ATEM switchers use an Ethernet connection so you can connect ATEM to Mac or Windows computers running the ATEM control software.

  • It is possible to connect the ATEM to your network and control your switcher from anywhere.

  • There are minor limitations; basic knowledge of IP addressing the switch to manage media assets via computer, and awareness that all inputs must be the same SMPTE resolution.

  • There is also one AUX output in addition to the Program output, giving you two destinations.

  • Two dedicated downstream keyers separate of the M/E give you the ability to place lower thirds and a bug on screen make this switch very versatile and powerful

  • Selecting stills from the media pool and getting them ready to go on air quickly is easy.

  • Select any loaded still for output to either of the two media players directly from the system control menu.

  • The panel gives you complete stills selection control independent from the media pool control using the ATEM software.

  • Use the built in multi channel audio mixer to switch and mix audio from all video, analog XLR and talkback headset mic inputs.

  • Quickly adjust levels from all inputs, view meters, turn channels on or off, or use the AFV (audio follow video) option.

  • The on button lets you add an audio source to your program even when another video source is live.

  • Pressing an AFV button lets audio follow video as you switch.

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