Dec. 15, 2022

Metropolitan Wishes You Joy This Holiday Season and a Happy New Year

Happy Holidays

Metropolitan's Board Declares a Regional Drought Emergency for all of Southern California

Preparing for a fourth consecutive dry year, Metropolitan’s Board of Directors on Tuesday declared a Regional Drought Emergency for all of Southern California and called upon water agencies to immediately reduce their use of all imported supplies.

In adopting the resolution, Metropolitan’s board warned the water-saving call could become mandatory if drought conditions persist in the coming months. By April, Metropolitan will consider allocating supplies to all its 26 member agencies, requiring them to cut their use of imported water or face steep additional fees on water purchased from Metropolitan. Read the press release.  

This resolution follows the California Department of Water Resources' announcement on Dec. 1 of an initial State Water Project allocation of 5 percent, plus additional supplies to meet health and safety needs. Read our statement.

"Since this drought began, we have been steadily increasing our call for conservation. If we don’t have an extremely wet winter, we will need to elevate to our highest level – a water supply allocation for all of Southern California. Substantial and immediate conservation now and in the coming months will help lessen the potential severity of such an allocation,” General Manager Adel Hagekhalil said.

Metropolitan Launches On-Line Dashboard to Track Progress on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

As part of its broad push to reduce its carbon footprint to address climate change, Metropolitan on Monday launched a new dashboard that allows the public to view the district's progress in meeting ambitious goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The web-based CAPDash tool features interactive charts and graphs that display Metropolitan’s GHG emissions data, including the sources of Metropolitan’s emissions, a snapshot of its emissions over time and progress in meeting its target to cut GHG emissions below 1990 levels by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2045.

"Our changing climate is a constant reminder that we must take bold action to reduce our emissions," said Metropolitan board Chairwoman Gloria Gray. "We are accountable to the plans we put in place, and we encourage the public to engage with us in this process by looking at the data and how our efforts are translating into results."

Read the press release.

Chairwoman Gray's Two Terms as Board Chair Concludes

On Tuesday, Chairwoman Gray presided over her last board meeting as chair, concluding her four years leading the 38-member board of directors. Metropolitan employees honored her leadership on Tuesday after the board meeting.

"Diversity has always been a hallmark of my work. Throughout my tenure, I hope people recognize we did not just recognize diversity… but fully embraced it," said Chairwoman Gray.

Watch a short tribute video, below. 

Chairwoman Gloria Gray's Four Year Term

Student Art Contest Participants Honored

On Dec. 7, 37 kindergarten through 12th-grade students were recognized for being selected for inclusion in the "Water is Life" 2023 calendar. The selected conservation artworks were submitted through their member agencies. The calendar is distributed to about 13,000 recipients each year. View the calendar.

Left: Kimber Atchison, a Mesa View Elementary School student, with her featured calendar art, submitted by Eastern Municipal Water District.

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