Construction of Diamond Valley Lake Inlet/Outlet Tower, Oct. 1997.
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August 6, 2018
Another Dodgers Tickets Giveaway!  Congratulations to Ron Dominguez and Arleen Arita who won the July 26 drawing for Dodgers tickets and thanks to the nearly 200 employees who participated in the conservation survey. Here's another chance. We have two tickets to the game on Aug. 31 and two tickets for Sept. 1 - both against the Diamondbacks. Fi ll out new survey by noon Thursday, Aug. 9 for a chance to win. 
Palos Verdes Reservoir Project Upgrade
In July, Metropolitan's Board approved $3 million for two new upgrade projects at the Palos Verdes Reservoir.

Tom Campbell , Conveyance and Distribution Program Management Team Manager made the presentation to the Engineering and Operations committee.

The first project will upgrade the emergency dewatering system and improve groundwater monitoring. The improvements, which are being coordinated with the state’s Division of Safety of Dams, will simplify dewatering of the facility in the case of an emergency. The procurement, installation and construction work will be performed by Metropolitan staff to ensure the work is done concurrently with the major rehabilitation project now underway at the reservoir and so an additional shutdown is not required.

The second project will design a system to improve drainage issues by collecting flows from reservoir subdrains and wastewater from onsite restrooms, and conveying the water to the local sewer system. For this project, Metropolitan staff will perform the design work, get permits and receive competitive bids before coming back to the Board to award the construction contract.

The Palos Verdes reservoir was constructed in 1939 making it one of Metropolitan's oldest facilities.
Met at the Movies:
Jack in the Box
The last of a three-part series about filming at Metropolitan facilities.

When asked what her favorite Metropolitan film shoot was, Nancy Webb doesn't have to think long — "The Jack In The Box commercial with the wiener dogs!”

A production team called Nancy, who is in charge of film permitting for Metropolitan, looking for an underground layer for a James Bond-type villain. She had the perfect place - the basement of Jensen Water Treatment Plant.

The three-day production had an interesting plot - "Jack" would be held captive by a super villain using six dachshunds with laser guns attached to their heads.

Nancy recalls the dogs were wonderful to work with but, as is often the case in Hollywood, one dog was a diva. “The director would set its head where he wanted, but then the dog would immediately move away,” she recalls. Frustrated, the director moved the difficult dog to the back of the shot.

“Jack was handsome!"  Nancy says of the actor who played the famous character, “but he didn't like wearing the head.” He would only put on the right version of the head - smiling, straight faced, angry, etc. - just before the cameras rolled because it was so hot to wear.

Click here to see the commercial.
Practicing Positivity In Everything She Does
Kelly Bowen spent her early years in the Midwest, but moved to the San Fernando Valley while she was in middle school. California was the perfect choice, because Kelly loves the beach and all things related to fitness and well-being including completing two marathons. That same mindfulness affected her career choices. Her personal mission statement is to create a positive workplace culture, where employees feel valued and motivated.

With 20 years of experience in Human Resources at Metropolitan, Kelly is an executive coach, facilitator, and leadership development strategist. Since coaching starts at the highest levels, she works with management to assist them with their professional development agendas and coaching skills.

Kelly’s son recently graduated from the prestigious ArtCenter College of Design with a degree in photography. Inspired by his success, Kelly has returned to college. Even though she recently completed her MPA at California State University, Northridge, she is now working on a doctorate in Psychology.

The best advice she gives up-and-coming leaders is “What you think becomes what you believe. What you believe determines how you behave. How you behave determines your experience. Your future is whatever you make of it, so make it a good one.” 
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