Last Friday was Night at Dodger Stadium. Chairman Record threw out the first pitch and thousands of fans learned about water conservation and Metropolitan's rebate programs.
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August 27, 2018
Local Property Values Ensure Water Reliability
Every August, Metropolitan receives the assessed property tax valuation for the six counties where we provide water service. The MWD Act authorizes property taxes to pay for certain obligations of the district. This year, the valuations for our six-county service area was $2.9 trillion -more than many entire states.

This is important for a couple of reasons.

First, Metropolitan’s board uses a weighted voting system. Each member agency (there are 26), is entitled to one board member and may appoint an additional representative for each full 5 percent of the taxable property in their service area. That’s why some agencies, such as the city of Los Angeles and the San Diego County Water Authority, have several board members and smaller agencies like Burbank and Fullerton have only one. This year, there is no change in the distribution or total number of directors on our Board.

Secondly, the assessed valuation is important since the biennial budget includes a combination of revenues from water sales, other charges and property taxes.

The Board last week voted to continue the property tax rate at .0035 percent. In this way, the cost of Metropolitan’s services is shared by all property-owning residences and businesses to pay debt service on general obligation bonds and a portion of the obligations under the State Water Contract. At this tax rate, a house with a $400,000 assessed valuation pays about $14/year toward Met's costs.
Agreement to Supply Water to Sycuan Band
An agreement that will boost water reliability for the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation in San Diego County was approved by Metropolitan’s board at its August meeting.

The Sycuan Band is a federally-recognized tribe of Mission Indians, located in San Diego County east of El Cajon. The Kumeyaay tribe is one of four ethnic groups indigenous to San Diego County.

Through the agreement between Metropolitan, the Sycuan tribe, San Diego County Water Authority and Padre Dam Municipal Water District, water will be delivered to 227 acres of recently developed land on the reservation.

The tribe has historically relied on independent groundwater supplies to serve its reservation but sought a more reliable supply. It is estimated that the tribe will receive about 100 acre-feet of supply per year.

Metropolitan delivers about 85 percent of the water used in San Diego County. In taking the action, Metropolitan recognized it is important for the Sycuan tribe to have access to the same high-quality, reliable water supply as the rest of the region.

The tribe’s reservation was established in 1875. The original 640 acres were never annexed by any water district, leaving the tribe to rely on groundwater.

Metropolitan has a record of cooperation to deliver water to tribe s in the service area, including agreements with the Soboba and Pechanga Bands of Luiseño Indians.
Caring for the Caregivers: Tips, Advice & Support
It’s pretty much a given that at every meeting there will be laughter and tears. That’s because at the Metropolitan Caregiver Support Group -organized by HR Assistant III Dean Rutzen - lunchtime talks concern the challenges of taking care of loved ones.

In its fifth year, the group meets at HQ twice monthly on Tuesdays from 11:30 to 12:15 in US7-199. Meetings are confidential and open to employees, temps, consultants and annuitants. While the meetings are not available online, helpful resources are often sent to a large mailing list. For info, contact Dean.

Dean’s experience with a parent with Alzheimer’s fuels his passion to bring people together in a supportive environment. “It’s amazing what people have to handle," Dean says, adding that “it helps to know others are going through the same things."

That may mean caring for grandparents, parents, siblings, special needs children, other family members or friends. “The path is not unique,” Dean says, “and it helps to learn from others. You’re a caregiver even if you are not 'on' 24/7. Anyone who helps with mail, visits a shut-in, calls or cooks a meal is a caregiver."

Several times each year, the Employee Assistance Program provides a speaker for the meetings. The next webinar is August 29 from 11-12 noon on Preventing Burnout for the Dementia Caregiver. Register here . To reach the EAP Hotline for more information or assistance call (800) 227-1060.
Everyone who entered our water conservation contest (WaterTalk issues on July 23 and Aug. 6) will receive a BeWaterWise/Dodgers cooling towel. The promotional item was given to 40,000 fans who attended Night last week. Towels will be delivered through interoffice mail. Thanks to all who participated!
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