Metropolitan staff shared information about rebates and water conservation at the CicLAvia event in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, September 30. Photos by Teresa Gonzales and Sue Sims
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October 1, 2018
Happy New (Water) Year!
Today marks the start of the water year and just like any New Year’s celebration, it’s a time to reflect and look forward.

Drought conditions persisted in the Upper Colorado River Basin this past year. Runoff is projected at a mere 43% of normal, the second lowest in the past 15 years. Conditions in the Sierra Nevada that provide supplies for the State Water Project were also below normal. Snowpack peaked in March at 50% of the seasonal average before melting.  

The good news is that despite the low SWP allocation of 35% of contracted supplies, Met was able to balance supply and demand needs without running a full Colorado River Aqueduct or pulling a significant amount of water from storage. In fact, storage levels will remain nearly at an all-time high (2.5 maf).

No one knows what the new year will bring, though some scientists think warming temperatures in the Pacific Ocean could amplify precipitation with El Niño conditions. But that may be deluge-type rainfall rather than snow, and drier non-winter months.

Either way, thanks to conservation, investments in local projects and storage, and great work by Met's operations, maintenance and other staff, our systems are helping to ensure water supply reliability to millions of Southern Californians every day.

Nat'l IT Professionals Day
National IT Professionals Day is observed annually on the third Tuesday in September.

This year, the day was celebrated by Metropolitan’s IT staff on September 18.  CAO Shane Chapman , Group Managers Charlie Eckstrom and Diane Pitman attended the event which promoted collegiality and team-building. Staff was recognized for their work providing high customer service and looking to use innovation and value for a wide range of technical services and enterprise business solutions.

Metropolitan’s Information Technology Group has about 130 staff members who support the 1,800 employees at HQ and field facilities. The IT Group meets a range of business needs from desktops to laptops, mobile devices to applications, servers to networks, and steps to improve cybersecurity.

IT professionals keep things humming here at Met. With accomplishments such as completing the key deployment of the VOIP telephone project, migrating Office 365 to Microsoft Cloud for Government, and an increasingly important drone program – there’s a lot to appreciate. 

IT work is often transparent to the end user. But if and when you need it, technical help is just a phone call away. And it’s an easy call, 77777.

IT professionals are essential partners in Metropolitan’s business environment.
Inventor and 3D Printer
Sometimes, Ron Dominguez ’s ideas go from his mind to design in just a few minutes. Using 3D printers, he can create a part to extend the life of a pump, or re-engineer components of valves that are no longer made, or produce many other products.

Ron works in the Machine Shop at LaVerne. He has been with Metropolitan since 1994 and was an early adopter of 3D printing technology. He bought one of the earliest printers for use at home and started honing his skills.

It wasn’t long before fellow employees started asking Ron to create 3D print parts and help them solve problems. He now creates 3D printed objects for Operations, Engineering, IT, Education and many other groups.

Ron loves being a resource for Metropolitan. He envisions cross-training and passing on his 3D printing skills to a new generation, and creating a legacy of cutting-edge printing technology at Metropolitan.

At home and work, Ron is an inventor. He created a Monster Truck from top to bottom, has patents on some devices, adapted off-the-shelf products to make them more efficient and loves solving mechanical problems. Ron puts thoughts into action in other ways. He has traveled to the Dominican Republic with charitable organizations to design and build water tanks to deliver clean water, build schools and other work to help many in need.    
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