Palos Verdes Reservoir, Aug. 2017  Photo by Sal Vasquez

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August 14, 2017
Reservoir Rehab
The Palos Verdes Reservoir is part of a network of regional reservoirs that Metropolitan owns and operates.  For more than 70 years, it has stored drinking water for thirsty residents of the South Bay and Harbor areas of Los Angeles county. The reservoir has a capacity of about 1,100 acre-feet. 
Now, Metropolitan is making major improvements to the reservoir including a new floating cover (to protect the water quality from birds and other wildlife), a new lining and a state-of-the-art chemical system.  These improvements will help protect drinking water supplies and provide operational storage and flexibility. 

The project is about  40 percent complete an d will be finished next summer.

California WaterFix
MWD's Chairman Record calls it "one of the most important water decisions for Metropolitan in a generation." California WaterFix will modernize the state's water delivery system in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, which supplies about 30% of Southern California's water. 

Like many infrastructure projects, California WaterFix has a big price tag. But a new MWD white paper estimates the cost per average SoCal household at about $2-3/month - more cost-effective than new local supply alternatives such as desalination.   

Our Board of Directors is carefully considering the project's benefits and costs before making a decision this fall whether to invest in the project.  

Telling Our Story
For one employee - archivist David Keller - Met's rich history is always top of mind. 

Keller's job is to help build our historical collection, comprised of more than 2,000 boxes and 46,000 digitized records. He and others on the records management team decide which letters, photos, engineering plans and other documents have historical significance and how to best preserve them.  Every so often, Keller gets a treasure trove of artifacts from a former employee or history buff.  A slice of our past can be seen in  many Met facilities including the HQ lobby and  Gene Camp.

Keller is also a jazz and labor historian, and author of numerous works including "The Blue Note: Seattle's Black Musicians' Union, A Pictorial History."

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