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January 13, 2020
Three Easy Green New Years Resolutions
T he New Year brings the opportunity to make small changes that reduce our impact on the environment.

If you’re looking for easy ways to make your life greener in 2020, revisit some past and explore some new green know-how. Consider making one of the following Mother Earth-approved New Year’s resolutions:

1.      A Greener Office
Feel empowered. Be the Eco-CEO of your office space; take an assessment of your work area to ensure that you are exercising the three R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
2.      Ditch the Dump, Donate
In the spirit of sustainability, resolve to donate items that you no longer use and let your unwanted items be someone else’s found treasure. Not sure where to donate? Click here to search some great options.

3.      #PickUp5 When you Walk
GAME ON! Commit to picking up 5 pieces of litter each time you go for a walk. If you stroll at least once every day, that adds up to 1,825 pieces of litter picked up over the course of the year! Connect with others by using hashtag #PickUp5 on social media.
Growing Your Family Greener
Going green can be a family affair by engaging everyone in joint decision-making, such as examining utility bills to find ways to reduce the cost of living. Even children can be empowered as they learn first-hand ways to reduce the use of water, energy and other resources.

Going green may also enhance your quality of life and commit your family to a future that will be more sustainable. It’s the ultimate family bonding.

Make your family’s New Year’s resolution an environmentally sustainable one with this Green Plan:

C alculate your family’s carbon footprint.  Click here to set a goal to lower it by a certain percentage by next year. Whatever you decide, knowing the factors that contribute to your carbon footprint can help your family better monitor your output.

If we are serious about protecting the planet for future generations, it may be a good time to get the family involved. Children love to try new things. Develop your own learning and sharing plan for the family.  Click here to visit the Green Living tip sheet.
Meet Metropolitan's Green Team
M eet “Metropolitan’s Sustainability Interest Group/” also known as The Green Team. It's the newly formed employee interest group and will focus on sustainability.

“The group’s mission is to educate and engage employees and help promote sustainable practices at all of our facilities," says Cheryl Auger , one of the group's founding members.

The Green Team is in the early stages of developing its goals and activities to keep the conversation of sustainability going strong, and encourage others to share their best sustainability practices.

“I am constantly impressed by the commitment of Metropolitan’s staff and our collective focus on improving the future. Sustainability is more than just a part of our mission statement; there is a personal link for all of us that spans our lives at work and home. This interest group is the perfect backdrop for networking, learning, and sharing green living practices with our colleagues” said AGM/COO Deven Upadhyay.

Click here to connect to the Green Team's online website.
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