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October 22, 2018
A Climate Action Plan for Metropolitan
Following approval by the Board earlier this month, Metropolitan will develop its first Climate Action Plan (CAP) to help reduce the district’s carbon footprint.

California has a statewide goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 by 80 percent below 1990 levels.

Met already voluntarily reports emission data to the Climate Registry. And last month, the district joined the California Resilience Challenge, a new initiative to strengthen resilience to climate change.

With a CAP, the distict can identify energy and greenhouse gas reducing actions from existing water and energy conservation programs such as solar power, landscape transformation and turf removal, hydroelectric plants, ridesharing and electric vehicle charging stations.

“It’s an opportunity to streamline the environmental review process, capture the benefits of our current sustainability programs, and provide leadership to address climate change impacts,” said Tom Napoli , who is one of the project managers.

Many Metropolitan projects will benefit from having a CAP including the Regional Recycled Water project, and reliability programs for the CRA, the five treatment plants and the distribution system.

Click here for the presentation to the Oct. E&O Committee mtg
CyberSecurity Awareness Month (An Evil Twin)
Did you know an evil twin might be posing as your local Starbucks Wi-Fi, hotel or other Wi-Fi service? Someone could even pose as the MWDGuests or MetHands Wi-Fi. 

To learn how to avoid this and other cybersecurity pitfalls, join Met’s ‘Lunch and Learn’ on Monday, October 29. The workshop will teach employees how to protect themselves from cyberattacks at work and home. It will be broadcasted on MetTV. Click here to see the event flyer.

Evil twins, also known as rogue access points, and other security threats are associated with the use of unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Hackers can easily establish a fake Wi-Fi network disguised to look legitimate. They’re hard to detect and devastatingly effective in stealing sensitive data. Once connected to the evil twin, the hacker literally can see everything you do online.

Here are some steps to protect your data, electronic activity and assets from the evil twin:

Turn off the option to automatically connect to local Wi-Fi on your mobile devices.

Disable the option to automatically reconnect to any Wi-Fi site except for sites that are known and trusted.

• Only c onnect to sites you know and look for the padlock icon to assure your session is protected.
When the 'Ends of Earth' Becomes Home
Joyce Shorter moved to the desert in 1965 when her husband accepted a position with Metropolitan. A native of Oklahoma, she initially thought her new surroundings were a bit like going “to the ends of the Earth.” Today, she feels very differently and says the desert is a very beautiful place to live.

Her own career with Metropolitan began 40 years ago when she was hired as part-time kitchen server at Iron Mountain. Later, she was promoted to cook. Since she enjoyed cooking meals and baking, it was a natural fit and Joyce often allowed the crew to make meal selections.

Her family lived in District housing and raised three children who rode the school bus each day from Iron Mountain to Eagle Mountain so they could attend school.

As a recurrent employee at Gene, she has held various positions at the pump plant including Utility Worker. Joyce now serves as a Storekeeper III with responsibility for the Gene Camp warehouse and maintaining about 5,000 stock items.

Outside of work, Joyce volunteer for Doe’s, a charity organization with a food bank and fundraising activities, including her own favorite event, “Dogs for the Deaf.”

Asked what advice she would give a new employee, Joyce says: “Never give up, work your hardest and have fun.” 
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