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May 29, 2018
Winning the Right
(of) Way
Congratulations to the Real Property Group for winning the International Right of Way Association’s “Employer of the Year” award. The vote by the awards committee was unanimous.

"Right of way” is the work to acquire, manage and protect the land rights that are needed to build and maintain infrastructure.

Metropolitan owns and manages nearly 218,000 acres for surface storage, conveyance, treatment and distribution facilities. Met has also purchased land to protect the reliability of its water resources and prepare for future projects.

“These activities are very important to Metropolitan,” says Sherman Hom , Planning and Acquisition Unit Manager. “We manage lands in a way that balances the needs of our projects and operations while exercising a good neighbor policy.” 

Metropolitan was honored for contributions in the IRWA local chapter programs including training for right of way acquisition of pipeline and electrical transmission projects, and alternative dispute resolution. Met also hosted a Students and Professionals’ Night to showcase diverse career opportunities.

Met staff from many different disciplines are active IRWA members in the LA, Orange County and Riverside/San Bernardino chapters, enhancing their knowledge in the field and working toward their professional certification.
Safeguarding Water Quality and Ducks
For the past several years, Metropolitan's water quality lab in LaVerne has seen its atrium transformed into a duckling nursery. A mother Mallard arrives each spring to nest and raise her ducklings surrounded by native plants, glass walls and the watchful eyes of laboratory staff who provide food and water for grazing and swim lessons.

Staff keep an eye out for her arrival. When that happened earlier this year, Paul Rochelle announced the good news: "Our mother duck has arrived and laid her eggs in the usual place. I will let you know when we have hatchlings."

This year's brood included 11 ducklings. Watching them grow into "fuzzy yellow puffs" is incredibly therapeutic says Susan Hogan . Last week, the ducklings were big enough for animal control to relocate them to nearby Bonelli Park. "It's fun to watch, but sad to see them go away," admits Mike Sclimenti.
Building More Than
 Just Skills
As part of the first class of students in Metropolitan's apprenticeship program, Rodolfo “Rudy” Barrera really knows his stuff.

His career at Met started in 1991 through the Rebuild LA program. He was hired as a general maintenance assistant and worked in the auto shop for almost a decade, before landing his current position in the WSO Treatment Section. Rudy credits a large portion of his success at the district to Met’s well-loved brothers Joe and Butch Pippins who hired and mentored him.

Now Rudy spends most of his days at the chlorine building at Weymouth. As an O&M Tech, he works primarily on preventive and corrective maintenance - but also makes a point to help train and encourage others in the field.

“I try to tell the guys, go work on the district shutdown. It’s only once or twice a year but working with all those different people, is really something else,” says Rudy .

When he’s not working on maintenance or the shutdown, Rudy is helping those in other countries build a community. Last October, he was in Mexico helping communities in need as part of a team of 40 volunteers. They built a house, a school and a church, all in two days.

This July he will work with the African Development Mission (ADM) to travel to Zimbabwe and serve people there through home and church visits and repairs.
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