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February 10, 2020
Funding H2O Innovation
at Long Beach Fire Dept.
Until recently, anytime Long Beach firefighters practiced using their high-powered hoses, the water ended up in the drain. And it added up to millions of gallons that washed away during training exercises.

That changed last year when the Fire Department started using a Direct Recycling Apparatus Firefighter Training & Sustainability Unit, or DRAFTS Unit that collects the water and recirculates it back into the hose line.

The purchase was made possible by Metropolitan’s Water Savings Incentive Program with support from the Long Beach Water Department.

"Metropolitan’s incentive programs save money in the long run by avoiding costly infrastructure costs required to accommodate increasing water demands." according to Gary Tilkian, a senior resource specialist on WRM's Water Efficiency Team.

Met's incentive program contributed about $91,000 to the purchase, based on the estimated 8 million gallons of water a year the unit is expected to save. So far it’s exceeded that goal.

The Fire Department outfitted its units to simulate a variety of situations crews might encounter in the field and to save water in the process. “The old way of doing training was either doing it dry or the water went into the gutter and was completely wasted,” Long Beach Fire Engineer Mike Shrout said.

Long Beach is one of the first fire departments regionally to implement this technology.
The Choreographed Dance of a CRA Shutdown
The 2020 CRA shutdown began last week and will conclude by February 28. Coordination of the shutdown, done in concert with member agencies, involves enormous preparation and deft timing. The planning often starts more than a year in advance.

"This shutdown wouldn't be successful without the efforts of employees across the organization," said Gene Patricio, WSO's Conveyance and Distribution section manager, desert region.

Tasks include (but are not limited to):

·         Contractor work on capital projects including the Radial Gate Installation Project, Discharge Line Isolation Project, 6.9kV Power Cable Replacement Project, and the Sump Pump Rehabilitation Project
·       Cleaning sand traps, canals, and 90+ miles of aqueduct tunnels
·       Inspecting canal siphons using a remotely operated vehicle
·         Testing high voltage electrical equipment
·         Replacing insulators at select sites of the 230 kV transmission system
·         Inspecting and repairing of head gates
·         Replacing several blow off valves
·         Cleaning and inspecting Gene and Intake Pump Plants trash racks
·        About 63 miles o f  fence line weed abatement
·         Final installation of Eagle Mtn. flow meter upgrade
·         Replacing Copper Basin flow meter
·         Desiccating quagga mussels throughout the CRA
·         Performing zero pump flow corrective and preventive maintenance at plants
Keeping Metropolitan's IT Systems Running
He was hired as a consultant to help make sure Metropolitan’s computer systems were prepared for Y2K – an event some feared might cause havoc as the year changed from 1999 to 2000.

Twenty years later, Alfredo Haynes is still making sure our computers and peripherals are running smoothly, no matter the date.

“I am proud to be part of Metropolitan and part of the machine that keeps the water flowing here in Southern California. When I come to work, I come to work,” he says. I’ve been in the computer industry for over
35 years, and still enjoy the constant change and challenges.

Alfredo started as an Electronics Technician II at Union Station and is now an IT Support Analyst III, providing support for all district computers and printers. He is also the plotter maintenance agreement administrator for the Engineering Services Group.

Alfredo has another notable achievement, he is one of the few current employees who has walked on the floor of Diamond Valley Lake (before it was filled with water, that is.)

Alfredo enjoys playing his conga drums, going to jazz festivals and spending time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys traveling with his wife, Janice , who also works for Metropolitan.

“There are new challenges that arise daily, and that keeps my job interesting,” he says. “But the best and most important part of this job for me is working with such smart, well-educated professionals."
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