For its Employee Appreciate event, staff from Metropolitan's Washington D.C. office took a
short cruise on the Potomac River to view the monuments and some of the city's other landmarks .
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October 7, 2019
Thanks to MWD Employees For All You Do
This week, in honor of Water Professionals Appreciation Week, Metropolitan will share on social media the stories of six employees who are keeping the water flowing to Southern California.

Here's a preview link to the videos that will be featured this week.

A focus of the series is to highlight the diverse talents and roles of staff that make Metropolitan successful.

Thank you to the following staff for allowing us to share their stories, and thank you to all Metropolitan employees for your dedication

·       Francisco Becerra , an Engineering Services unit manager at Metropolitan for more than 29 years

·           Scott Berry , a lineman working the electrical power lines at Gene Camp for more than 13 years

·           Fred Crawford , a Conveyance and Distribution specialist with more than 25 years of service in the field

·          Robert Deaves , a Server administration team manager in IT who joined Metropolitan more than 28 years ago

·           Tiffany Lee , a senior chemist at Weymouth Filtration Plant for more than 18 years

·          Rupam Soni , a principal public affairs representative in External Affairs for more than 3 years

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Pipeline Work to Ensure Reliable Water Deliveries
Construction begins today on the next phase of one of Metropolitan's biggest pipeline upgrade projects.

In this phase, workers will reline nearly five miles of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) on the Second Lower Feeder.

The Second Lower Feeder delivers treated water from the Diemer Plant in Yorba Linda 39 miles to the Palos Verdes Reservoir.

The work includes opening the pipe in key locations called “portals.” New steel-lining pipe segments are lowered into the pipe and pushed hundreds of feet down the pipeline.

Once in place, these steel segments are expanded to fit the existing concrete pipeline and welded together, creating a new, steel-lined pipeline.

This project - Reach 2 - extends through a dense urban area in the cities of Carson, Los Angeles, and unincorporated Los Angeles County that crosses two freeways, and contains many commercial and residential properties Because of this, the project has faced many challenges in moving forward.

Fortunately, a project team consisting of staff from Engineering, WSO, External Affairs, Real Property, consultants and contractors are working together.

They’ve contacted hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents to let them know about the work - and will be assisting in the community throughout the duration of the project to help address any and all concerns.
Securing More than Computers
It’s easy to take computer security for granted but behind the scenes, there’s a group of talented IT professionals at Metropolitan making sure everything is handled properly.

One of those is Lupe Arteaga , a 20-year Metropolitan employee who is a Senior IT Systems Administrator.

Lupe was hired as a Program Analyst 3. In addition to her technical expertise, she impressed her hiring panel with her ability to work with customers. “In addition to the test and questions, my interview included a mock customer support exercise with an irate employee. I had to show how I would address the person’s concerns and calm them down,” Lupe recalls.

Over the years, Lupe has worked on many IT security projects, PeopleSoft, Oracle and Maximo upgrades, the warehouse barcoding and accounts payable automation applications, as well as audit compliance issues. She also helped implement one of the most-used IT tools – the self-service system to automatically reset login passwords.

But without a doubt, her proudest accomplishments are her two sons and years as a soccer mom. “Working at Met allowed me to raise my family, be active at their schools and attend almost all of their soccer games,” Lupe says. Her son Lorenzo is in his second year of law school and Nuno (Mauro) is in college and still playing soccer any chance he gets. “I am blessed to have worked here for 20 years and look forward to more blessings here and with my sons.” 
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