Deer and Bald Eagle at Diamond Valley Lake, photo by MWD contract biologist William Wagner

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September 11, 2017

Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

About a week ago, MWD's  Innovation team in the Business Outreach office got a call from officials in Texas asking for help responding to Hurricane Harvey. 

Texas was looking for technologies to use in their recovery efforts, particularly systems that could provide safe potable water supplies to victims in hard-hit communities. They turned to Met because they knew  we "would be able to help regardless of how massive the requests were," according to the head of Texas-based water cluster Accelerate H2o.
Met staff went to work right away to leverage our online H2o TechConnect platform.  A call to about 900 businesses
and entrepreneurs  
was issued for a variety of equipment and services. 
Several of these partners  are now helping Texas communities
with  vitally-needed assistance.   

Employee Appreciation Days

T he season for pumpkins, fall holidays and employee appreciation is here. 
A harvest of fun will come to Metropolitan as staff embark on celebrations of their own design.  

The first employee event on the fall schedule is a venture to the Los Angeles County Fair with staff from Soto, Sunset, Weymouth and Diemer.

Bowling events are next up for employees at Eagle Rock and Gene. Other group activities will include laser tag for Jensen employees and a bike tour for the Sacramento office.  There are also picnics and movie nights on the schedule, which runs from Sept. 21 through Oct. 27.

The last event will be a BBQ with games, contests and raffles at  Union Station   for Headquarters staff.

Click here  to see how each of Metropolitan's work sites plan to celebrate Employee
Appreciation Day.

Five Story Service Desert-Style

Guests of Met's Gene Camp often recall the excellent staff and service after their visit to the desert facility. One of the forces behind their standout experience is Lodge Assistant and 30-year employee, Albert Malave. Albert is one big reason why guests always find a tidy lounge area, well-stocked supplies and answers to every question. Malave's title scarcely explains all he does. He is head of hospitality, concierge, driver, and an all-around expert and cheerleader about Metropolitan.

A Brooklyn native, Malave found the adjustment to California difficult. He was homesick at first and pretty certain the move wouldn't work out. But he soon came to realize Gene Camp was a great place to work and eventually settled into the desert lifestyle.  "Being out here helps you relax. In New York, you run; but out here, you learn to walk."

New hires, transfers, promotions & retirements are posted monthly. 
Next list: Oct 2.
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