Fall 2023
Discover DVL: Diamond Valley Lake Field Trip
San Jacinto Elementary School
Water Journeys Field Trip: Pure Water Southern California
Grades 5 - College
Water Journeys is a free field trip program offered by Metropolitan in partnership with Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, The presentation focuses on water awareness, aqueducts, conservation, and recycling followed by a walking tour of Pure Water Southern California, an advanced recycled water facility, located in Carson.
The field trip continues with a same-day visit to the Bixby Marshland, a 17-acre wetland located across the street. Students learn about native wildlife and how the Native Americans used these natural resources in their everyday lives. Students also conduct water quality experiments. This all-day field trip, offered on Tuesdays, accommodates one standard-size classroom of students. Limited funds are available to provide transportation. If you have questions, contact Mark Moss. Click here to schedule an in-person or online field trip
STEAM Program: Water Engineering 4 Good
Grades 7 - 12

WE4G is an online STEAM competition for middle and high school students. Teams use their creativity and interest in sustainability to engineer a prototype of a device or system to conserve water inside or outside the home, in industry, in agriculture, or in water treatment and distribution. They will learn from water industry professionals and through their own research about how climate change is affecting Southern California’s water supply.

Through teamwork, they will develop a concept, create a CAD model of their conservation solution, and build a small-scale physical model out of recycled/upcycled materials. The teams will also create a video journal and social media posts to document their progress and share their knowledge and approach with others.

At the conclusion, the teams will give a multimedia presentation of their engineering solution to a panel of water industry experts. WE4G culminates in an online awards event in late March 2024. Students will have learned valuable skills as they work on a conservation project. Importantly they gain early exposure to water industry careers and recognize their potential to be part of the solution for climate change.
WE4G 2024 Program Details:

• The program kicks off in October 2023 with a webinar for teachers and concludes in March 2024 with an awards ceremony.
• A WE4G Engineering Workbook guides teachers and teams through the program. The five elements are: 1) Define the Problem Through Research, 2) Plan the Project, 3) Build Your Solution, 4) Create a Social Media Campaign, and 5) Present Your Solution.
• WE4G is a competition; teams earn points for the deliverables they complete and submit by the key deadlines.
• WE4G is an online program so timely and frequent commu-nication is critical to a team’s success. Program staff will offer weekly virtual office hours from October to March.

For more information or to sign up a team, please email Mark Moss.
Diamond Valley Lake Field Trips
Grades 4 - 8
Metropolitan invites you to participate in the newly redesigned Diamond Valley Lake Field Trip Program, available for Grades 4 - 8. There are two parts:

  • The 1-hour online presentation covers water sources, drought, conservation, and the history of the Diamond Valley Lake reservoir; and
  • The 3-hour in-person field trip includes water quality tests and an augmented reality activity that reinforces topics covered during the online presentation. The Agents of Discovery app explores various parts of the Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir.

The field trips are offered at no cost and limited bus reimbursement is available. For questions, contact Blanca Robles Baker. Click here to schedule a field trip.
September: Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from September 15 to October 15 and is a time to recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive histories of the American Latino community.

Log on to NSTA.org for ways to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion principles into STEM subjects. 
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