Metso Ported Rotary Kiln 

Complete Agglomeration Plant with Milling, 
Balling Drum, Grate Furnace

Suitable for Lightweight Aggregate Production

Rotary Kiln, 8' diameter X 92' long, manufactured in 2013 by Metso, complete with gas burner, to 80mm BTU's per hour. Last used on phosphate rock in research and development plant; used less than 1,000 hours. System includes all motors, fans, electricals, structural steel, instrumentation, and all drawings. Shell has 21 ports (which can be covered) for introducing air, 30 Hp motor and gearbox to chain and sprocket drive, 12 tons per hours at 60 minutes residency time. Diagrams and documentation available by request. 
11.5' diameter X 17' long ball mill, manufactured by KVS (Kennedy Van Saun), includes 1000 HP open winding synchronous motor. Features trommel discharge and feed tank. Refurbished in 2013, which included installation of new oil jacking system, oil lube system for Babbitt bearings, new titanium steel water jet-machined discharge grates, and motor refurbishment. Set of new Babbitt bearings available. Previously operated as a closed circuit dry mill with grinding capacity of 40 metric tons per hour with output fineness of >80% passing 200 mesh. 
Buhler grate dryer, rated for 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with (2) drying zones. Rated for 23,460 pounds per hour. Features 7' wide belt and 150 square feet of drying bed area. Heated by (2) natural gas burners, Maxon model OvenPak II. Complete with 18" wide carbon steel oscillating belt feeder, Allen Bradley PLC controls, sensors, fans, and motors. Mounted on carbon steel frame with 4' legs.
Feeco Balling Drum Pelletizer, 7' internal diameter X 16' long, with 4'6" dicharge scroll ring. A36 steel plate construction. Features 5 mm Linard 60 lining. Driven by 30 HP TEFC, 3-phase, 480 V, 60 Hz motor with VFD controls. Includes forged steel tires and wheels, tapered roller bearings, self-aligning pillow blocks, steel shaft, sprockets, chain, thrust rollers and breeching. Agglomeration rate of 45.5 STPH, new feed rate of 14 STPH and recycle rate of 31.5 STPH.
Ducon wet FGD scrubber  (flue gas desulfurization),  includes (2) fixed Venturi rod decks, (3) spray curtains, internal lime slurry piping, and 3-stage final mist eliminator. FRP construction, with cone bottom and flanged inlet/outlets. Complete with 1,800 gallon oxidation tank, 3,500 gallon re-circulation tank, pumps and blowers. Rated for 9,250 CFM, 48 pounds per hour of sulfur dioxide, lime consumption rate of 5.85 ln per minute, expected efficiency of 95% of SO2.
Ceco mist elimination column filter, 316 stainless steel, rated for 8,600 CFM, 8.78 PSI, 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Unit measures 6' diameter X 26' high. Features 16" flanged inlet and 28" flanged outlet, pressure and temperature gauges, (4) spray nozzles.
Goessling wire mesh belt conveyor, 35" wide X 42' long belt. Set up for 18-degree incline angle. Driven by 3 HP, 460 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz motor. Includes 18-8 304 stainless steel round wire mesh belt with 4 mm gaps, water catch pan with sideboard and drain outlet, canted top cover. Rated for 1200 degrees Fahrenheit continuous operation at 15 tons per hour.
LIBS online mineral analyzer (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy), manufactured by Laser Distance Spectrometry, MAYA 6060 series, model M-2010, conveyor belt type, measures the elemental composition of mineral raw materials in real time. Provides data for sorting, dosage and quality control of crushed ore. Unit can operate 24/7 in automatic mode under heavy conditions.

Equipment Available from Agglomeration Plant:

C742225 Column, 6' X 26', Mist Eliminator, 316 S/st, 8600 CFM
C742230 Conveyor, Belt, 35 X 42', 304 S/st, Wire Mesh, Incline,
C742218 Dryer, Belt, Grate, C/st, Buhler, 7' X 32', 2 Zones
C742231 Dust Collector, Railroad Track Containment System, 60'
C742227 Filter, Bag, S/st, 316 S/st, 150 PSI (2)
C742229 Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, 400 SF, 316 S/st, 175 PSI (2)
C742228 Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, 57 SF, 316 S/st, 195 PSI (2)
C740503 Kiln, 8' X 92', Rotary, Metso, 2400 Deg F, Ported, 2013
C742233 Lab, Emission Monitor, Opsis, Mdl AR600 UV DOAS
C742234 Lab, LIBS Mineral Analyzer, MAYA 6060, LDS, Belt
C742232 Lab, Opacity Monitor, Amtek, Mdl 4500 Mark III (2)
C742220 Mill, Ball, 11.5' X 17', KVS, 1000 HP, Refurbished in 2013
C742216 Pelletizer, Drum, Agglomerator, 7' X 16', C/st, Feeco,
C742226 Refrig, Cooling Tower, 1200 Ton, Delta, TM Series, 3 Cell
C742217 Screen, Roller, Classifier, 20 HP, Metso, 2 Sections
C742224 Scrubber, Wet, 9,250 CFM, Ducon, FGD
C742221 Tank, 9,300 Gallon, C/st, 10' X 16', FT/FB, Lime Slurry
C742222 Tank, 700 Gallon, C/st, 5' X 5', OT/FB
C742223 Tank, 450 Gallon, C/st, 50 X 5', OT/FB


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