July 13, 2023

Mews News:

Callie's Second Chance

If you visited our Adoption Center recently, you probably met Callie — a beautiful, floofy calico with a big personality. For almost a year, she reigned over the group room with the confidence and grace of a true queen.

Gorgeous Callie 💛

Callie is a playful kitty with a special fondness for her rainbow wand toy. While she enjoys human company, she prefers those interactions on her own terms. A mistimed approach might earn you a cautionary swat. However, if you sit beside her quietly, she'll gently nudge your hand, signaling her desire for soft pets and scratches. It's her unique way of communicating and setting boundaries.

During her time with us, Callie received dedicated attention from our Cat Care and Enrichment volunteers, who worked on her socialization skills. She also spent several weeks in a nurturing foster home, where she received lots of love while enjoying a much-needed break from shelter life.

We also provided Callie with necessary medical treatment, addressing health concerns such as an upper respiratory infection, ear infection, intestinal parasites, and severe dental disease that required full-mouth dental extractions.

Callie's spirited personality called for the perfect adopter — someone patient, understanding, and respectful of her boundaries. Two weeks ago, that perfect match was finally found! Callie is now happily settling into her new home in Union City, surrounded by all the toys she could ever dream of.

We're thrilled for Callie and grateful to our dedicated team and supportive community who made this adoption possible. If you're considering adding a furry friend to your family, we have many other wonderful kitties waiting for their own forever homes. Visit our Adoption Center this weekend and be a part of creating more happy stories like Callie's.

Make Your Cat a Star!

The Nine Lives Photo Contest for our 2024 Calendar is underway! To join the fun, just enter your cat’s photo on our contest website. Each entry is a $30 donation, which includes a complimentary copy of our 2024 calendar and your first five votes. Every subsequent vote is a $5 donation. Vote as often as you like through July 31st, and rally your family and friends to do the same! 

The cat with the most votes will be our 2024 “Cover Cat,” and the next top vote-getters will be our “Cats of the Month.” Every photo entered will be featured in the calendar — entry guarantees your cat is a star!

Enter your cats today at gogophotocontest.com/ninelivesfoundation.

A big THANK YOU to our friends at JS General Builders, serving the San Francisco Peninsula, for your sponsorship!

Got questions about the contest? Email us at calendar@ninelivesfoundation.org.

Save a Life Today

The need is real, and it’s urgent. Kitten Season has hit us hard in California this year, and for Nine Lives and our shelter partners, the number of kittens in peril is overwhelming.

We spend at least $500 on every healthy kitten in our care, and for those who need medical care, it’s much more. Our intentionally low $175 adoption fee ensures them all a loving home, but does not come close to covering the cost of saving their lives.

These are kittens like Drake, shown here, who was abandoned at an emergency veterinary clinic when he was only a few days old. He was brought to the Stockton Animal Shelter, where he was taken in by his loving surrogate momma Nicki, along with the young litter she was already raising.

Drake’s journey led him to Nine Lives, and after a couple months in foster care, he was a floofy bundle of joy ready for his next chapter. Right after we posted his photos online, he and his new big brother Tigerlily were adopted into their forever home!

Your support today saves sweet kittens like Drake, giving them a lifetime of purrs and the unconditional love every creature deserves. Thank you so much for giving, and for caring.

Save a Life Today!

P.S. Check out our most recent Kitten Season campaign video by clicking the image below!

Liam's Corner

Today, I wanted to share something close to my heart that we've been working on: our "No Single Kitten Left Behind" adoption promotion.

In recent weeks, we've seen a growing number of single "orphan" kittens left behind after our adoption weekends. It breaks my heart to see these little ones longing for a place to call their own after all their siblings have already been adopted. 

Their presence also means that valuable space at our Adoption Center is taken up for at least another week, preventing us from helping more cats and kittens in need.

With so many kittens in foster care and countless others waiting to be rescued, we are more determined than ever to find homes for these little ones — like Beauty, a kitten from the Stockton Animal Shelter, who is pictured here.

Beauty is still waiting to find her forever home.

That's why, with great excitement, last week we introduced a new initiative called "No Single Kitten Left Behind." Our aim is to empower potential adopters — like you! — to open their hearts and homes to a lonely littermate that hasn't yet found a family. 

So, how does it work? Every single orphan kitten will now receive a special adoption discount of $50. Our standard adoption fee of $175 will be reduced to $125, making it even more accessible for you to welcome a delightful bundle of joy into your home.

But that's not all. We already offer a $50 discount for kittens adopted in pairs. This means that instead of $350, adopters pay only $300 for a pair of furry companions. And now, if one of those two kittens is an single orphan kitten, you will also receive the $50 orphan kitten discount, making the cost for the pair only $250.

And for those with an extra special place in their hearts, adopting two single orphan kittens will bring a whopping $150 discount off the total adoption fee. This means the cost for the pair will be just $200, creating an even more compelling opportunity to provide a loving home for two deserving souls.

I'm thrilled to report that after only a week, the "No Single Kitten Left Behind" promotion has already yielded heartwarming success!

Last weekend, we celebrated as Babylon (pictured here), Bambi, Gooseberry, and King Haggard — all single kittens — found their forever families and began a new chapter of love and happiness.

Babylon met his forever family on Saturday!

To see our available cats and kittens still waiting for their forever homes, please visit our website at ninelivesfoundation.org/adoptions.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of our mission to give every cat and kitten a chance at a happy life. Your contributions, both big and small, have a profound impact on the lives of these vulnerable kitties. I'm truly grateful for your belief in our cause and for being a part of our Nine Lives family.

Let's save lives... together!

Liam Montgomery

Executive Director, Nine Lives Foundation

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