January 19, 2024

Mews News:

Say Hello to Jackie O!

Meet Jackie O, a seven-month-old former stray turned charming companion! Initially brought to us as a community cat for trap-neuter-return (TNR) services in mid-October, our lead vet technician recognized her potential and advocated for her rescue.

Upon her arrival at our Adoption Center, Jackie O received essential medical care and swiftly emerged as a star pupil in our Cat Care and Enrichment program. Now, after months of dedicated study, she's ready to bring her elegance and playfulness into a loving home.

The lovely and captivating Jackie O

Much like her namesake, Jackie O exudes grace and sophistication with every step. Yet beneath her refined exterior lies a playful spirit with boundless energy. Whether chasing toys around her room or leaping from shelves, she approaches life with infectious enthusiasm.

While she continues to refine her manners, Jackie O would thrive in a home with a patient adopter who can shower her with attention and plenty of playtime.

Could you be the one to open your heart and give her the love and care she truly deserves?

Visit Jackie O at our Adoption Center during our newly extended hours: Thursdays & Fridays from noon to 5:00 pm and Saturdays & Sundays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Let's make Jackie O's dream of a forever home a reality!

Give a Barn Cat a Home!

Looking for a feline friend to help keep your property pest-free? Our "working cats" are the ultimate four-legged pest control experts! Perfect for farms, stables, rural homes, or even large gardens, these kitties are eager to trade their mousing skills for a safe haven and regular meals.

Our barn cats are healthy, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated kitties who prefer the great outdoors. Let these skilled hunters keep your space free from unwanted pests like mice and rats, and say farewell to harmful pesticides — our feline friends handle the job naturally.

We're on a mission to find homes for every cat, even the independent ones. Give a cat a purpose and a loving home with our Barn Cat Program!

Ready to welcome a working cat to your space? Contact us to learn more and find your purrfect match.

Volunteer Spotlight: Natalie

We’re delighted to shine a spotlight on Natalie, one of our extraordinary volunteers whose dedication and love for our feline friends have made a lasting impact on Nine Lives.

Natalie and Ash ❤️

Natalie joined us over a year ago as a Fear Free Cat Care and Enrichment volunteer. In this role, she ensures that our rescue kitties not only receive the medical attention they need but also thrive emotionally and behaviorally.

This is how she met Ash, a spirited kitty who had been surrendered to us from a dangerous living situation. After working with him for a couple months, Natalie offered to foster him. And just a few weeks later, she decided to make him a permanent part of her family.

Today, Ash is a sweet and affectionate kitty who lives happily with Natalie and her husband Oscar, and acts as a living testament to the success of our programs.

But Natalie's support extends beyond our shelter walls. Through her initiative, "The Tom Cat Closet Project," she ingeniously combines her love for vintage clothes with her passion for helping at-risk cats.

Located at B League vintage store in Berkeley, Natalie's vintage clothing rack, aptly named "Tom Cat Closet," donates a percentage of its proceeds to Nine Lives and serves as a platform to educate customers about our organization.

Natalie shares, "Why do I volunteer at Nine Lives? All my life I have loved cats. Knowing there is a need to give love and comfort to the cats in the shelter while they wait for a forever home brings me to the shelter every week. Witnessing their joy and behavioral progress is a huge part of the success stories that make it all worthwhile. All the variety of cats have helped heal my heart as well; they all deserve a chance."

Natalie's commitment is an inspiration to us all. We thank Natalie for making a difference in the lives of our feline friends and for being a devoted advocate, volunteer, and supporter of Nine Lives.

Interested in joining our incredible volunteer team? Fill out an application on our website.

Cat's Whiskers Club

Our newly-launched Cat’s Whiskers Club recognizes our friends who generously contribute $1,000 or more during the calendar year, offering a more immersive experience and increased involvement in our lifesaving mission.

Cat’s Whiskers benefits include a thank you event, behind-the-scenes tour, and other exclusive activities. Donors who give $5,000 or more in a year also get a special cat enrichment training session for themselves and up to 10 friends, plus the chance to name a litter of kittens! 

If you're a supporter falling into this category and haven't heard from us, or if you would like to make a donation to be part of this group, please contact Stacy Guidice, Cat’s Whiskers Club Coordinator, at [email protected].

We're grateful to our Cat’s Whiskers supporters for providing the foundation of our lifesaving efforts and being heroes to the cats and kittens in our care.

Liam's Corner

I hope everyone reading this had a chance to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season! I know that everyone at Nine Lives enjoyed a little respite before getting back to what we do best — saving lives!

I’m thrilled to share some incredible achievements that YOU, our dedicated community, helped make possible in 2023. Your support and commitment have transformed the lives of countless kitties, and we couldn't be more grateful.

690 Adoptions - A 15% Increase Over 2022

Each adoption represents a fresh start, a forever home, and a life saved. This 15% increase from 2022 underscores the growing impact of our collective efforts to find loving homes for our furry friends.

Matcha was our final adoption of 2023 💛

400 Kittens Rescued and Homed - Over 40% More Than 2022

Rescuing 40% more kittens than the previous year showcases our commitment to the tiniest and most vulnerable lives. Each kitten finding a home represents a triumph over the challenges they faced. Moreover, this statistic highlights how kitten season is getting longer and more relentless with each passing year.

4106 Spay/Neuters - A 20% Increase Over 2022

This 20% increase in spay/neuter services reflects our dedication to responsible pet ownership. This vital service not only controls the feline population but also prevents unnecessary suffering and ensures healthier cat communities. We also worked with more than 100 rescue partners so that they too could get their cats spayed and neutered before finding forever homes!

Now, more than ever, it's crucial to get your cats spayed and neutered. Please help us spread the word and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Learn more and book an appointment here.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Donors

As a small yet mighty organization, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our donors. Your fierce support empowers us to save the lives of hundreds of little ones and offer life-saving services to thousands more in our community. Your generosity fuels our mission, and we are profoundly thankful.

Our successes of 2023 are a testament to the strength of our community. Let's stride into 2024 with renewed determination, compassion, and the shared goal of making a positive impact on the lives of our feline friends.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Nine Lives family.

With gratitude,

Liam Montgomery

Executive Director, Nine Lives Foundation

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