May 19, 2023

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Teeka's Tale

Amidst the adorable chaos of kitten season, let’s not forget about the amazing adult cats who are equally deserving of loving homes. Meet Teeka, a 13-year-old orange and white kitty who is ready to steal your heart and show you that age is just a number!

Teeka's journey took an unexpected turn about six years ago when she was diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a condition that led to her blindness. But don't let her visual impairment fool you — Teeka's spirit shines bright. She finds joy in the simplest pleasures, like snuggling in soft blankets, enjoying lap time, and indulging in tasty treats.

Playful and curious, Teeka has the same zest for life as any other cat. She would thrive with a companion who can inspire her to be more active and encourage her to explore the world around her.

Gorgeous Teeka 💛

To ensure Teeka's well-being and safety, she needs to be an indoor-only kitty. A gradual introduction to her new home, starting in a cozy space and expanding over time, will help her acclimate to her surroundings and explore confidently.

While caring for Teeka requires attention to her specific needs, the rewards of adopting a cat with special needs are immeasurable. These cats often have an incredible capacity for love and gratitude, with an ability to enrich our lives in profound ways.

Adopting Teeka means opening your heart to an extraordinary companion who will fill your days with endless joy, laughter, and unwavering love.

Teeka has been patiently awaiting her forever home for almost two months now. You can meet this remarkable girl at our Adoption Center, open Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 5:00 pm. Don't miss your chance to make Teeka a cherished part of your family.

Spay & Neuter Saves Lives!

Attention all cat owners! Help us reduce the number of homeless cats in our community by getting your furry friend spayed or neutered. 

At Nine Lives, we’re proud to provide accessible low-cost spay and neuter services for all cat owners. And now, booking appointments for privately-owned cats is easier than ever with our convenient online booking system!

Spaying or neutering your cat provides many benefits beyond controlling overpopulation. It prevents the senseless euthanasia of unwanted cats and kittens, who often suffer due to the lack of available homes.

It also addresses common behavioral issues like yowling, spraying, fighting, and roaming, while lowering the risk of certain cancers — promoting a longer and healthier life for your beloved companion.

Kittens can be safely spayed or neutered when they weigh at least 2 pounds.

Join us in our mission to create a healthier and happier cat community. Visit our website at to learn about the services we offer and schedule your cat's spay or neuter appointment today.

Feeling the Petco Love

We are excited to share that we have received a generous $2,500 grant from the Petco Love Foundation, a national nonprofit dedicated to creating stronger and healthier communities for pets and their families. 

This grant will help us meet the increasing demand for low-cost spay and neuter services in our community, which play a vital role in controlling overpopulation and promoting the well-being of our feline friends. Thanks to the Petco Love Foundation's support, we can ensure that more cats and kittens receive the care they need and deserve.

We are immensely grateful to the Petco Love Foundation for their support of our lifesaving work. To learn more about their extraordinary impact, visit

Liam's Corner

I want to begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who attended our very first Kitten Baby Shower. It was marvelous to see so many compassionate animal advocates gathered under one roof! The event was nothing short of magical, and I'm still buzzing with excitement.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to our dedicated volunteers, sponsors, and staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help make the event a success. And for those who couldn't attend or missed my presentation, don't worry! You can still catch it by clicking the image below.

Click the image to view my presentation!

Speaking of kittens, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind with Kitten Season in full swing. We’ve already rescued nearly 100 kittens, and it's only the third week of May! Their arrival hasn’t been without challenges, as almost every litter we’ve taken in has required medical interventions beyond basic care.

But thanks to your generous donations, we’ve been able to provide the vital care these vulnerable kittens need. We can’t thank you enough for your invaluable support.

While we’re overjoyed to help these kittens find their forever homes, it breaks our hearts to see so many black kittens left behind. This issue, commonly known as "black cat bias," has troubled shelters and rescue organizations for years. Studies have shown that black cats and kittens are often viewed more negatively, adopted less frequently, and even euthanized more often than lighter colored cats.

Gypsy (part of the Fleetwood Mac litter) and Frances (named after our fabulous Dr. Mueller) are two adorable black kitties currently in our care. While their littermates have been adopted into loving homes, these affectionate darlings are patiently waiting for their own perfect match.

In the meantime, Gypsy and Frances enjoy daily playdates together, where they snuggle, wrestle, and develop their social skills. They also receive daily visits from our Fear Free® Cat Care and Enrichment volunteers, who teach them the importance of the human-animal bond.

Hanging out with Gypsy & Frances

Please help us break the stigmas surrounding black cats. By spreading the word about the incredible black kitties in your own lives, you're not only helping cats like Gypsy and Frances find the loving homes they deserve, but also creating more space and resources for shelters to rescue other vulnerable cats and kittens. Let's work together to change perceptions and ensure that every cat finds a forever home where they can thrive.

Let's save lives... together!

Liam Montgomery

Executive Director, Nine Lives Foundation

P.S. If you'd like to donate towards kitten season, you can do so by clicking the image below. 💙

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