Maya Arce, et al. v. John Huppenthal, et al.

Mexican American Studies is on trial!

On January 12, 2015, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in a lawsuit against Arizona officials who eliminated the Mexican-American Studies curriculum from public schools in Tucson. We have been waiting for this moment for our time in court, and have been tirelessly advocating for Chicana/o educational equity while our parents, familias, teachers, and fellow students have been under attack from this State of Arizona since 2006. The pivotal moment in Chicana/o history is now here!

Our antepasados have sacrificed so much for us!

As one of the plaintiffs in this historic case, being present for the oral arguments in the 9th Circuit Court is crucial.  We are both honored and very excited to be a part of continuing the legacy of advocating for the educational rights of Mexican Americans and view this case as continuous with landmark cases such as M´┐Żndez v. Westminster (1947). Never before have the stakes been so high for the Mexican American-Chicana/o community in terms of education, we cannot afford to take steps backward in the advances that our antepasados have made and who have sacrificed so much for us.


As an 11th grade student, I am extremely disappointed that I did not get to participate in Chicana/o Studies in my school because of the mean spirited and exclusionary acts of the State of Arizona making it against the law to study the beautiful history, culture, literature and arte of my community who has contributed so much to this nation, the Mexican American-Chicana/o community. I want to ensure that my brother and those who come after me in Tucson schools have the opportunity to experience this transformative educational model that helps us youth develop a strong sense of cultural and academic identity and academic proficiency in all students, particularly Chicana/o youth.  

Plaintiffs Korina Lopez and Maya Arce with University of Seattle law team
We need your support!
We are seeking support for our travel and lodging costs to ensure we can attend this hearing at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco - any amount helps! I humbly ask you all consider helping the Chicana youth plaintiffs, Korina Lopez and myself, in this historic landmark case. 


Si se puede!



Maya Isabel Arce

Plaintiff, Arce v. Huppenthal

Chicana scholar


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