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Crated wolf at Wolf Haven awaits transport
Crated Mexican wolf at 
Wolf Haven awaits transport; photo c/o Annie Musselman

Wolf Haven membership & symbolic wolf adoption

April 6, 2016

Mexican wolf photo c/o Ladder Ranch
Mexican wolf pack on way to New Mexico

Today, April 6, one of our Mexican gray wolf families left Wolf Haven for their temporary home at Ted Turner's Ladder Ranch in New Mexico. The five wolves include the parents (M1067 and F1222) and three yearlings, who were born at Wolf Haven last spring. The pack was flown on two separate Alaska Airline planes (three on one & two on the other), with Wolf Haven's director of Animal Care, Wendy Spencer, accompanying the second one. The flights are approximately 2-1/2 hours long (as compared to a 28 hour drive). A huge thank you to Alaska Airlines for offering these direct flights at a discounted rate.

They land in Phoenix, where a Ladder Ranch employee will meet them. Once Wendy arrives, the two will load all five animals into a cargo van and drive seven hours to Ladder Ranch. 

The wolves will eventually be taken to a wildlife refuge in Mexico before being released in the Mexican wild. The wild wolf population in Mexico is estimated to be between 12 and 17 wolves.

Read more about the Mexican Wolf Recovery program.
Connecting hearts & minds

Narrated by Chris Morgan (PBS, BBC and National Geographic), The Secret Life of Mountain Lions brings extraordinary footage captured by motion-triggered camers of a mountain lion family in the wild.

Through the journey of mother F61 and her kittens, viewers will observe the compassionate nature of mountain lions and see behaviors that surprised even biologists. 

Caedus photo by Kathy Admire
Caedus photo by Kathy Admire
Taking pictures of wolves and prairie

We've hosted three Wolf Photo Visits this year with two more scheduled (Oct. 16 & Nov. 13). One group who came, LensLearners, is  a Pierce County-based photography group for people who are passionate about photography - beginner through advanced skill levels. The group has been in existence for 13 years and meets once a month - often for field trips like their visit to 
Wolf Haven, but sometimes for instruction for newer photographers.   Members rated their visit to Wolf Haven as one of their best tri ps EVER! For additional information contact Kathy Admire, instructor/facilitator.

See LensLearner photos  taken at Wolf Haven.

As for our brand new Prairie Photo Visits, all four dates are completely sold out for 2016! Check back later this year for 2017 dates.
OR-4 was father to famous OR-7
OR-4 was father to famous OR-7
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