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 Your support, readership and sharing is making a difference and is much appreciated. We change public policies by changing pubic opinions. We saw the polls fail as they could not read our work and the silent majority. Perhaps we have been given a reprieve to restore God and His principles to out great land. The work is not done. Please help!
Godspeed! Let's make 2017 Great and we make America Great Again.   Link

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HIS HANDIWORK. Holy Bible, Psalms 19:1
 "if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people,
under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy." - 
 Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, November 29, 1802

Ronald Reagan with short definition of liberal and conservative: Link

January 19, 2017
Countdown to Inauguration  Link
National Debt Clock  HERE
The Young lady singing at the Inauguration sings GOD BLESS AMERICA

Donald and Melania Trump thank supporters at Luncheon  Video
Melania's story - Slovenia to White House  Video
Concert at Lincoln Memorial - live! 

When the afternoon of  January 20, 2017  arrives, the  Republican Party will have:
1)   The Presidency.
2)  A majority of the House of Representatives.
3)  A majority of the Senate.
4)  Almost two-thirds of all  the governorships.
5)  Total control of the statehouses in almost two-thirds of all the  states.
And in the near future, Republicans will  be able to add:
6)  A majority of the Supreme Court.
The  above has NEVER happened before in American history.  Think about that  and let it sink in for a moment... And it's all  because of one  reason:  Barack Obama's forcing his extreme far-left agenda on an unwilling country  by executive orders, left wing judges, and obsequious  bureaucrats. (Thanks, Larry)

++ Dems Blow Off Inauguration, Plan Resistance - "Donald Trump has proven that his administration will normalize the most extreme fringes of the Republican Party," Lee said. "On Inauguration Day, I will not be celebrating. I will be organizing and preparing for resistance." Article

++ Plots against Inauguration? Undercover video: Butyric acid in heating system to set off sprinklers and close inaugural balls? "Just f*ck it up". "Throw them under the bus." Video Link  (Thanks, Regina)

++ Michigan Teacher Blocks Kids From Trump Speech -  Link    (Thanks, Deb)

Some Michigan Inauguration Events
Link together to show support for our soon-to-be 45th President Donald J Trump by tying a RED ribbon around a highly visible tree until after the inauguration (thks, Catherine). 
Inaugural Celebration hosted 
by Eaton Tea Party
Let's Make America Great Again as this citizen's  (casual)  DeploraBall!  
Fridat January 20, 6-10PM
Fireside Grill
6951 Lansing Rd., Diamondale
Food and soft drinks provided; cash bar
Join the Greater Oakland Republican Club as we watch the inauguration on Friday, January 20th! Sullivan's Public House, 23 N Washington St, Oxford, MI 48371 at 11 a.m. to watch the festivities. GOGOP will provide appetizers and soft drinks and Sullivan's will offer a special lunch menufor purchase. 
Battle Cry 2017 - Black and White Inaugural Ball on Friday Night!  Jan 20 at 7 PM; Conference Jan 21 to 5:30 PM $69 Tickets
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
6800 Soaring Eagle Boulevard
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858 
1/20/2017 Inaugural Watch Parties:
Kent County GOP725 Lake Michigan Dr NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504
12thCD GOP, 6:30-10:30PM, 
16703 Fort St, Southgate, Michigan 48195
$15 ($20 at door) Tickets
Ottawa County Republicans 11:30 AM
513 E 8th St, Holland, Michigan 49423

FEAR If no new cabinet officers are confirmed and the top four were eliminated, a holdover 
from the Obama Admin. would temporarily step in. President Kerry or Lynch? ... pray NO!

Massive March for Life in Chicago -  Link

NEVER say "Can't!" Link
++  You can't out give God. Town Locks Up Church For 70 Years, Then A Dying Man Gets In And Makes A Stunning Realization -
  Greg Thomas was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He was given just a few months to live, and doctors told his family to start planning for his funeral. Out walking his dog he goes a different way and finds a 150 year old abandoned church founded by Czech settlers. Greg and his dog took a seat on the front steps of the church.
  He began to cry, and then prayed for a miracle. Despite his illness, Greg knew right then and there that he wanted to restore the church back to its original glory.  Link (Thanks, Marcy)
Another  Story about St. Johns Chapel, Montgomery, MN.

GSA called to account for $44 breakfasts and sending 15 people across the Country to check out a hotel, etc.
The FBI quietly dumped more 
Hillary Clinton  1/8/17 .  
300 pages were put out, showing that Mrs. Clinton was regularly sending confidential and secret i nformation to someone outside the government.   Link
++Speaker Ryan: Obamacare Repeal Resolution Is "Critical Step Toward Delivery Relief"  Five states - only one choice; 1/3rd of counties in the USA - one choice!
Video Link

++ Dr. Tom Price, orthopedic surgeon, Nominee for HHS, Georgia head of the House Budget Committee, born and raised in Michigan, Univ. of Michigan grad!  Donald Trump's choice for Health and Human Services secretary is one of the few Republican lawmakers with a detailed plan to replace Obamacare. And Tom Price is likely to have a major impact on the incoming administration's efforts to overhaul the law.
   the Georgia Republican has been very vocal until now on how to replace Obamacare, which he argues has hiked premiums and limited access to doctors. His most recent bill, The Empowering Patients First Act of 2015, bears many similarities to Trump's vision for health care reform and to House Speaker Paul Ryan's overhaul proposal. His PLAN

++ Politicians, and those who buy them, are in la-la land. This economy is on the rocks for many people, except the class of princes and princesses we are keeping in style. Some signs show Michigan to have signs of recovery in some areas, (2% unemployment in Ottawa County). There is a hole between technical jobs available, and willing workers trained or willing to be trained to fill them. But so many unemployed and under-employed. The politican asking for another tax increase should be immediately shamed and recalled.
   We see more signs of the devastated economy in this Retail Apocalypse: Sears, Macy's And The Limited Are All Closing Stores.  It has only been two weeks since Christmas, and already we are witnessing a stunning bloodbath of store closings.  Macy's shocked the retail industry by announcing that they will be closing about 100 stores.  The downward spiral of Sears hit another landmark when it was announced that another 150 Sears and Kmart stores would be shutting down.  Sears is down 2052 stores since 2010!  And we have just learned that The Limited is immediately closing all stores nationwide.  If the U.S. economy is doing just fine, then why are we experiencing such a retail apocalypse?  All over America, vast shopping malls that were once buzzing with eager consumers now resemble mausoleums.  We have never seen anything quite like this in our entire history, and nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next.
    Sports Authority went out of business in 2016, shuttering more than 460 locations in U.S. malls and strip malls. PacSun, Aeropostale and American Apparel each have filed for bankruptcy protection in the past year and are aiming to reorganize and revive their businesses.
   Thanks to the last eight years, approximately two-thirds of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  More than a third of all Americans have a debt that is at least 180 days past due, and the rate of homeownership has been hovering near the lowest level that we have seen in about 50 years.  As you read this article, more than 95 million Americans are not in the labor force, and that number has grown by 18 percent under Barack Obama.  Homelessness in New York City and other major cities is at a record high, and as a nation we have accumulated the largest mountain of debt in the history of the world. More  (Thanks, Lanny)

Foster Friess is  to appear on CNBC's Squawk Box with Joe, Becky and Andrew on  Friday, January 20 at 6:40am  EASTERN/3:40am PACIFIC. "Return to Civility"

Fox News @FoxNews  9:39 AM - 19 Jan 2017  President-elect  #DonaldTrump  to nominate former Gov. Sonny Perdue for Secretary of Agriculture 
   "Beginning as a simple  Georgia farm boy, making sure Americans who make their livelihood in the agriculture industry are thriving is near and dear to my heart, and I'm going to champion the concerns of American agriculture and work tirelessly to solve the issues facing our farm families in this new role."  Perdue, a former Democrat, served two terms as governor, from 2003 through 2011. The  70-year-old  was born on a farm and is a former veterinarian.
  "From growing up on a farm to being governor of a big agriculture state, he has spent his whole life understanding and solving the challenges our farmers face, and he is going to deliver big results for all Americans who earn their living off the land," Trump said in a statement.  Link
++ Pay to Play ending for Clintons - "discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initative,"
   2017 is going to be a very bad year for the Clinton's and their "charitable" foundation. As donations from the Saudi's and other nations have dried up, the truth behind the motives of the "donors" have become increasingly clear. The foundation's donors were all about "pay-to-play," and now that neither Hillary or Bill wield any political power, nations who supposedly donated to the crooked Clinton Foundation to "help" the poor and oppressed have all but disappeared. Gone are the days that foreign nations are able to buy a seat next to influential players in Obama's crooked government or at state dinners...and as those opportunities disappear so have the donors. So the announcement that the Clinton Global Initiative is being shut down shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. More  (Thanks, Patty)

++ Iowa lawmakers end funding for Planned Parenthood,  and they found a perfect way to use money that would have gone to the organization, redirecting tax dollars to health clinics that don't perform abortions. Article

++ Woman Wakes Up From Coma Just After Plug Is PulledAn Arizona woman woke up from her coma moments after being taken off life support in early March and whispered to her husband, "I'm a fighter."
   "Everything can be taken away. You can wake up one day and everything is fine, and then your life is a mess," Steven Pellettiere-Swapp, son of the comatose woman, told KPHO. "Keep your family close and don't let them go."  More  (Thanks, Marcy)

 April 29, 2017 MiCPAC Conference in Holt, Michigan.
This is Michigan's foremost annual gathering of conservative leaders from all branches of the movement. Cost about $50. Please put in on your calendar. 
MCU and MCU-SE Members get a 25% discount. 
Among confirmed speakers are authors John Anthony, President at Sustainable Freedom Lab (Obama wraps HUD in climate change Link); and New Zealand's Patriot Trevor Louden.   Please join HERE!
 Mike and Karen Pence have three children together: Charlotte, Michael, and Audrey
Mike Pence considers his faith in Jesus Christ the most crucial aspect of his life.
"I'm a Christian, a conservative and a Republican. In that order." And added that his Christian faith is at the very heart of who he is. Pence continued, "I made a commitment to Christ. I'm a born-again,  evangelical Catholic."
Mike Pence To Place His Hand On 2 Chronicles 7:14 When He Takes The Oath
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, 
then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2Ch 7:14

++    In This School District, Educating Children Can Cost You Your Job - MORE

Off FB:
Laura Traylor  - Inauguration day: He's gonna make "Everyday Americans Great Again!
The Famous won't participate, so the Regular Talented Americans will get noticed and Mainstreet Smalltown America Will Be the Backbone of our Country Again!
David Yardley Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's State of the State 
More taxes? No Auto Insurance Reform?? Refugees???
Lots of new expensive initiatives with no price tags, no mention of where revenue will come from, no mention of income tax or or other tax cuts, no mention of automobile insurance reform, interesting mention of growing Michigan population (Do you remember back to September of 2015 when he talked about increasing Michigan's population?? Back then, Snyder was in discussions with President Obama and the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement to bring in all the Syrian refugees possible, it was "paused" after the terrorist attack in Paris, perhaps this is clever re-packaging of those efforts to bring in some of the 100,000 refugees expected to enter the U.S. in 2017).
Tom McMillin  - Out of 528 total employees at the Michigan Department of Education...only 5 at "at-will".
Mike Hewitt - You ask the salesperson, 'how much for the Ford Focus?
He matter-of-factly replies, "5.2 million".
"Wow", you exclaim! "That's outrageous!!"
His dry reply, "why do you care - you're not paying for it."
*** welcome to the reality of the US Healthcare system.
I love the polls that say Trump is the most unpopular President elect in decades. The same polls said Hillary would win in a landslide and the Republican Party was finished!!!
Mari-Ann McQuater Henry "The American Federation of Teachers made $9.7 million in campaign donations, 100 percent of that went to Democratic candidates according to
The National Education Association gave $27.8 million in campaign contributions in 2016, 99 percent of which went to Democrats..."
The MEA has very similar donation statistics. 
So if you're a conservative/libertarian/Republican teacher, you have no voice at all.

++ Top Three Archaeological Finds from 2016 That Confirm Biblical History -  Link

++ Islamic State fighters smash historic statues in Iraq  - It looks terrible - vandals of the Islamic State attacking ancient Assyrian statues with sledge-hammers.  Nineveh, on the site of modern day Mosul, was the capital of the Assyrian empire that lasted nineteen centuries from 2500 to 605 BC.
   They quote suras from the Koran that they say demand the destruction of idols and icons. But iconoclasm isn't just a Salafi Islamic idea. In the 17th Century, puritans, under the rule of Oliver Cromwell, destroyed Catholic holy objects and art in Britain
   "What ISIS does by destroying cultural sites is fundamentally to undermine people's hope," said Dr Robson. "It undermines the cohesion that holds communities and societies together. That's why it's so damaging and so hard."  More (Thanks, Ormand)

++ Islamic State decapitates 12 including teachers in symbolic Palmyra executions - The executions took place on the grounds of Palmyra's museum. The resumption of executions in Palmyra is a conspicuous propaganda effort by IS to reassert its dominance in the area. 
   In May 2016 Russia put on a concert at Roman ruins at Palmyra as a symbol of its victory against IS. The concert followed the Kremlin announcing a full-scale withdrawal from the country saying all Russia's goals had been met.  Despite Russia's stated intention to withdraw, Moscow continued as the principal backer of the Assad regime along with Iran and the Lebanese Shia Hezbollah militia. Article

++ Court upholds firing over Muslim hijabArticle

++ AMERICA'S 2ND COLONIZATION: THIS TIME BY ISLAMISTS 'Refugees' being moved into politically important states. At the current rate, about 110,580 will be admitted this fiscal year, surpassing Obama's stated goal of 110,000. The refugees are also being concentrated in politically important states, suggesting  there is an ideological agenda behind the population transfers.  More  (Thanks, Dick)

++ Obama's last days - "Barack can't wait to get out of the White House. It is now the grimmest place in the world. The atmosphere is funereal: everybody looks like they just lost their best friend and their dog.
   "Barack is supposed to be cheering people up but he can barely muster a smile. He knows there is nothing much he can do to make his staff feel any better. And it's just getting worse, with Trump rolling out his Cabinet picks.
   "Barack says his whole staff needs counseling to get over their grief. But Barack, Michelle, and Valerie Jarrett have gone from trying to comfort the staff to avoiding them.
     "Valerie says that Barack is the worst she has ever seen him. He is grumpy and snaps at people. Michelle is worse; she's enraged.
   "Valerie says she has tried to keep the Obamas separated during the work day, because they bring each other down even more.  Article (Thanks Isabelle - and voters!)

++ Actor Makes Fun of Democrats in Tweets About Russian Hacking - 
   "Blaming the Russians for losing the election is like blaming the hotel room for getting caught with a prostitute," actor and comedian Rob Schneider tweeted on Sunday.
He followed up the next day: "It's true. The Russians may have rigged the election by showing that the Democrats definitely rigged the election."
   This isn't the first time he's made fun of Democrats on Twitter since the election. Last month, he tweeted that he hasn't "seen the Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves!"  Link  (Thanks Sheri)

++ Dr. Larry P. Arnn, President, Hillsdale College writes:    " One of the greatest gifts God has given Americans is our freedom. Even with all the turmoil and oppression we see in the world around us, we still too often take these freedoms for granted.
   In our great country, the Constitution is the document that protects it. After the Bible, it is the single most important document in the world. Most Americans think they know it well, since they learned about it in school.
   But far too few Americans truly understand the Constitution and the freedoms it protects. We've made our renowned Constitution 101 course free for all Americans to take online -- the same course that every Hillsdale student must take to graduate, regardless of their major.

Michigan News and  Views 

++ Repeal Income Tax! During the first day of the Michigan House's new session, amid the ceremonial swearing in of representives, a bill was introduced a bill to reduce and eventually eliminate the state's personal income tax. 
   "This is simply the right thing to do for Michigan's families," said Speaker Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt, in a press release.  "...This is the people's money, not ours. Michigan has turned a corner, our economy is booming, and there is even a budget surplus. I'm excited to join my colleagues, offer the best way forward, undo the mistakes of the past and return hundreds of millions of dollars back to the people who earned them in the first place." 
   The bill, HB 4001, was introduced by Rep. Lee Chatfield, R-Levering. It would roll back the state's income tax to 3.9 percent in 2018, and decrease it by 0.1 percent each year beginning in 2019 until it reached zero. (THAT WOULD TAKE 40 YEARS!!!!)
   A similar idea is pending in the Senate, where Sen. Jack Brandenburg, R-Harrison Township, wants to eliminate the income tax over a five-year period, according to a report from capitol newsletter MIRS News.  More

++ Speaker Tom Leonard: Michiganders deserve a tax cut -  As I and other Republicans knocked on doors on the campaign trail across our wondrous state this fall, from the western end of the U.P. to a resurgent Detroit and the Ohio border, we heard one consistent message, almost a plea: 'Cut my taxes. Let me spend what I earn on my family.' Republicans heard our neighbors. So, our first order of business will be to cut the income taxes of every Michigander...
   I am going to do all I can to keep this promise to you: Republicans will cut your taxes. It is our best way forward to building a stronger, more prosperous future for Michigan. More

Please Tom - not just $ 0.001 per year! Let's end it now!

++ Election Fraud in Detroit Looks 'Organized, and Government Involved'  Judge Napolitano: County records prepared at the request of The Detroit News after ballot irregularities were discovered revealed that 37 percent of Detroit precincts registered more votes than voters during the election.
    Jill Stein's recount efforts in Michigan have uncovered what looks like systemic election fraud in Detroit, where roughly 95% of the votes cast were cast for Hillary Clinton. Sixty percent of precincts in Wayne County had to be disqualified from the statewide recount because of "irregularities." According to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, those irregularities look "organized" and "government involved."
    Overall, state records show 10.6 percent of the precincts in the 22 counties that began the retabulation process couldn't be recounted because of state law that bars recounts for unbalanced precincts or ones with broken seals.
   The problems were the worst in Detroit, where discrepancies meant officials couldn't recount votes in 392 precincts, or nearly 60 percent. And two-thirds of those precincts had too many votes.  Article

++  In this Clip Rep. Jim Runestad (R-White Lake) debates the NAACP on voter fraud. Project Veritas shows an undercover film demonstrating poll workers who were going to allow the undercover reporter to vote as famous individuals even when they knew some of the individuals and knew that this individual was not the real voter in question.  11:09 minutes

++  Kalamazoo Community College sued in federal court over free-speech issue - two students at the college, attempted with others to distribute pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution outside the Binda Performing Arts Center on behalf of the Young Americans for Liberty. The group also is named as a plaintiff in the suit. 
   KCC Public Safety Chief Harold West advised they needed a permit and told them to move inside the student center. Eventually, when the students declined, three people were arrested on trespassing charges.   They were taken to the Calhoun County Jail by police and were jailed for about seven hours. More  (Thanks, Joni)

++ Sec. of Education Designate Betsy DeVos is facing confirmation hearings.
Here are some questions we suggest:

1 The USA has the most expensive education in the World at about $15,171 a student each year  (a 26% increase in five years) , but is 34th in overall quality.  An enormous increase in funding over the last couple decades has not improved quality.
  1. How much should it cost for a quality K-12 education?
  2. Would you continue to ask for more money? 
  3. How would you improve quality without increasing costs?
  4. Would you supporting removing or suspending Davis Bacon from school projects?
  5. Would you support labor freedom (RTW) for all Federally funded education
2.  A typical 5th grader in Weisbaden, Germany with get 50% more instructional hours than a typical public school 5th grader in the USA. Students in many other countries even get more. Some of these countries show better results. Would you advocate more instructional contact in public schools, comparable to that of more successful countries?  How would you implement that?

3. A teacher's salary in many states is higher than a typical two-earner family, despite the significant amount of time off during the year. In your home state it is about 170% of per capita income. Likewise, school employees typically have much better fringe benefits and retirements. In many states the "legacy" costs are a multi-billion dollar debt that faces taxpayers. Is this a problem and how should this be addressed? 

4. In many states there are many more non-teaching positions than teaching ones. In your home state the ratio is 118 to 100. Some of this is imposed by Federal standards and reporting responsibilities - mandated unfunded burdens. Is this of concern to you, and how would you address it?

5. Information illustrates that class size does not predict outcomes. In your home state the 2nd best secondary school - in your home county - had a 29:1 student teacher ratio. The 5th and 18th best in your state have a 39:1 ratio. What is your take on this, and do you intend to put pressure on class sizes? (see slides in attached PPT).

6. In your home state a couple years ago of 829 public secondary schools there were 230 that did not graduate even one college ready student based upon SAT scores.  What should the Federal government do, if anything, to address this problem?  What have you done about it in your home state, and with what results? 

7. Despite huge increases in spending Federal funding typically amounts to less than about $900 a student per year, less than 10%. Despite that, the Federal Department of Education has regulated and demanded reporting and other overheads that burden the budget and control the agenda and curriculum in many instances. Would you allow a local school district or state to option out of the Federal oversight in exchange for declining the Federal money?  

8. In many European countries a K-4 teacher is required to have two years of higher education instruction. Additional credit hours do not guarantee better instruction, and do not mean automatic raises. Given their better performance, should we emulate that more successful model?

9. Higher education costs have soared since student loans have been guaranteed by the Federal government. Their appears to be no justification for this, as outcomes have not improved. Many graduates now have huge student loans outstanding but cannot get a good job in their major. 
  1.  What would you do as Secretary of Education to address this problem? 
  2. What is your plan for these student loans and the prospects that they will fall on the taxpayers? 
Of Total US Spending, Education
is 3rd highest - after Healthcare and Pension and 25% greater than defense: 
per student $ 15,000  2016/7
Michigan Public School Spending is the highest catagory in Michigan. 41% higher than Healthcare, at +/-  $ 14,000 per student 2016/7
approximately $9,582 per year
Private elementary school average is $8,522 per year and the  private high school average is $12,953 per year.  Michigan  Private
 School spending is $6,654 
($10,105 High School; $4,377 Elementary)  Link

Other States spending far less have much better results than Michigan: 
*  Tennessee, with a per pupil spending level ranked 49 th nationally by the U.S. Census Bureau at $8,765 , placed 2nd on the NAEP list, with average scores of 21.8.
*  Indiana, with a per pupil spending level ranked 26 th nationally at $11,583 , placed 3rd , with average scores of 14.7.
*  Florida, with a per pupil spending level ranked 42 nd nationally at $10,031 was 6th , posting average scores of 11.5.

How Democrats are attacking Betsy DeVos:
Betsy DeVos just told Sen. Hassan she isn't on the board of her mom's foundation. She was vice president for several years! I have the 990s   990s Wx4Sdh 4A2

Michigan Legislature
++ Senate kicks off 2017 with bills to repeal prevailing wage.  Senate bills 1, 2 and 3 would repeal the state's prevailing wage laws, and they've got support from A, B and C.  The Association of Builders and Contractors, that is.
   The state's prevailing wage law applies union-level wages to job sites for public projects like schools and government buildings. The Associated Builders and Contractors have supported its repeal, including through a  failed ballot proposalin 2015.  "For years, our schools, universities, and state government have been forced to overspend taxpayer dollars on construction projects, instead of hiring the best company for the best price," said Jeff Wiggins, State Director of ABC. 
    One other indicator of this being a big priority is that Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, is a bill sponsor, along with Sen. Peter MacGregor, R-Rockford and Sen. David Robertson, R-Grand Blanc.  More  Last session it passed the 
Senate but stalled in the House. 

++ Republican state Sen. Jack Brandenburg said he is preparing sweeping legislation to eliminate Michigan's personal income tax, arguing a "game changer" is needed to help retain and draw new residents in the face of sluggish population growth. Brandenburg argues scrapping the income tax would boost the state economy by giving residents more disposable income to spend at Michigan businesses. The second-term Harrison Township Republican plans to introduce legislation this month and convene a work group to consider tax policy options.
  As part of his plan to scrap the state's 4.25 percent personal income tax, Brandenburg told The Detroit News he may propose to increase the state's 6 percent sales tax to offset some of the anticipated revenue loss from killing the income tax. He anticipates budget cuts would also be necessary.
   "After six years of tax increases, working families and seniors absolutely deserve a tax break from this administration," Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, D-Flint said.
   Michigan collected more than $9.3 billion in personal income taxes in the 2016 fiscal year, according to the non-partisan Senate Fiscal Agency. It was the largest single source of revenue for the state. 
    Most income tax revenue goes toward the state's general fund, which is used to pay for various government functions. Roughly 30 percent goes to the School Aid Fund for K-12 education. Sales taxes generated about $7.3 billion last fiscal year, by comparison, with roughly 73 percent going to schools, 16 percent to the general fund and 10 percent to local units of government.
   "the issue is where do you get the money to run government?" Snyder told The News in a year-end interview. "Those are the challenges."  More
   COMMENT: We want to help!!! 
   With all due respects, Governor, That is not the most important issue. What is State government doing it does not have to do? What can you cut? When will you implement a zero-based review of budgets, contracts and expenditures? Why are you paying contractors 25%+/- more than you need to through artificial "prevailing wages"? When will state employee compensation and benefits come in line with those you supposedly serve? Why give a billion dollar$ a year to certain favored businesses and individuals? Why keep up the appearance (and costs) of  full time legislature at full pay, that has sessions less than 90 days a year? Why does every legislator need to have an office with a view of the Capitol? Why keep increasing education budgets $250 million each year when student population is decreasing by thousands of students and quality is flat-lined? The list could go on. The fact of the matter is, the Michigan State Government has become bloated and wasteful and more intrusive under Republican leadership. It is not a good legacy.

++ Lead Poisoning Attorneys Sue to Hold Corporation 
Worth $11 Billion Accountable 

++ "State of the State - More of the same liberalism" - Gov. Rick Snyder asked in his State of the State address for higher taxes and fees.    More

Project Kirk is designed for us to better understand the true precepts of what he called "The Permanent Things." Russell was the writer that Reagan, Goldwater, Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. and so many others read and referred to as the founder of modern conservatism. Share his wisdom with others
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