August 2018

Stay Tuned for Mi Mundo's 4th Edition!

Ready to learn more about issues facing the youth of the Dominican Republic? We are! Eighteen young journalists participated in a journalism camp in which they received workshops, conducted visits and did research to produce articles of issues important to them. Stay tuned for the release of the fourth edition of Mi Mundo!
Strength in Partnerships

Alerta Joven has continued to drive DREAM's work with at risk youth. This USAID project works inside and outside of school, encouraging them to complete their education and enter the job market. DREAM is proud to report that in the past year, 110 youth in Sosúa, Cabarete, and Río San Juan have been trained and added into the labor force through the program. We work with more than 25 local businesses to provide a network where they receive work experience, with over 60% finding a new or better job. Entrepreneurship courses were given to more than 50 participants and nine new businesses have been kick started by our youth. Programs also include reading and mathematics for at-risk students in local public schools, called PREPARA, motivating youth to stay in school and learn the professional skills needed after they graduate. 40 young people, who had abandoned their studies, have been reinserted into the formal education system.
Who Doesn't Love Summer Camp?

Over 1,100 students participated in seven DREAM Summer Camps this year, enjoying dedicated reading time during daily Drop Everything and Read, science projects, field trips and classes ranging from dance to art and gardening. With an astounding 100% of campers reporting that they loved camp, we're even more proud to report that over 75% of the students grew by at least one reading level over the summer. We hope to expand this program throughout the country, improving academic performance and giving kids the best summer of their lives.
Montessori School Year Starts

DREAM loves to spread the importance of early childhood education, in particular, the effectiveness of Montessori. The methodology teaches independence, critical thinking and how to care about yourselves and the world around you. With seven schools on the North Coast and four projects in Santo Domingo and San Pedro de Macoris with almost 1,000 students, this positive revolution is coming soon to a community near you.
A Ganar Graduation

Our 23rd session of A Ganar just had our most successful graduation on record! A total of 46 youth graduated after successfully completing an intensive job placement program and an internship in various local businesses located in Cabarete, Puerto Plata and Sosúa. DREAM had the pleasure of representatives from Banco Popular and the USAID Alerta Joven project join us for this special occasion. During the ceremony, the youth celebrated all of their hard work during the 320-hour program, with Banco Popular and Alerta Joven providing checks to assist them as they enter the work force. Congratulations, A Ganar graduates!
More Skills for Public School Teachers

With the help of the US Embassy and as an extension to our TESOL Certification program in March, DREAM held a weeklong intensive ESL camp for English teachers in the public school system throughout the north coast. The 18 camp participants gained more confidence in their abilities to teach English to their students and learned new strategies and activities they could use in their classrooms.
"I think that with the new strategies I have learned in this camp, I will take more advantage of the time where my students and I can interact and speak more fluidly. I am sure there will be a complete change." - Manuel Antonio Meléndez, Centro Educativo José Ramón Rubiéra
Welcome DREAM's 2018-19 Volunteers

DREAM is proud to work with motivated, culturally-minded young professionals through our year-long volunteer program. The 2018-2019 team, which arrived this month, is as impressive as ever. This year, we are welcoming: Delmy Felipe, who will be supporting our Library Programs; Victoria Anders, who will be working with Monitoring and Evaluation of our Deportes Para la Vida and Luceros Documentation programs; Gina Morales, supporting the A Ganar Youth Workforce Development Program, ESL programs, and Public Relations team; and Manuel Marichal, who will be working with our Montessori and Escuelita de Padres programs. To learn more about this years' volunteers, check out their bios  on our website .
DREAMer of the Month
Delmy Felipe Herrera

Delmy Felipe Herrera, a native of Guatemala, has worked the last 4 years promoting literature and reading in communities throughout her home country. Through the creation of her own company, Asociación La Valija y La Cobija, she wanted to promote a culture of reading. She frequented clases with her mobile library, telling stories using puppets and theatre. For her, the message has always been clear: reading is fun and changes lives. She arrived at DREAM as a yearlong volunteer in May and has been amazing us with her storytelling ever since. She hopes to share her diverse experience working in education while experiencing Dominican culture in her role as a volunteer. Curious about what Delmy will be sharing with our students?   Click here.
Donors of the Month 

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