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Welcome to the MiRead Memo!
You are receiving this newsletter because you are connected to MAISA's MiRead project, Michigan's Literacy Portal supporting 3rd Grade Reading and the IRIP process. The MiRead Team will be using this "MiRead Memo" format to communicate updates, reminders and other critical information.
MiRead Data Sharing Agreement is Ready
The MiRead Data Sharing Agreement is now ready for signature. Local Superintendents will need to login to the MiDataHub Cockpit and sign the agreement to ‘turn on’ the MiRead application for the district and begin the flow of data from MiDataHub into MiRead. 

Please refer to the MiRead Agreement Directions for details on how to complete this critical step in the configuration process. Once completed, MiRead staff can set up your local MiRead Administrator ( register Admins here ) accounts so that you can begin to use the system. 

For assistance with signing the agreement or accessing the MiDataHub cockpit, please email:
MiRead Readiness Script
To aid districts in preparing for the use of MiRead, the MiDataHub team has created a MiRead Readiness Script. This script is designed to be run by technology and data staff at your district or ISD and provide clarity around the data needed for MiRead to operate. 

Please use the MiRead Readiness Check instructions for running the MiRead Readiness Script once your local Student Information System has been setup in MiDataHub for the current school year and the MiRead Opt-In Agreement has been signed.
Reminder: Identify Your System Administrators
Please note: There are actually two SEPARATE links for registering MiStrategyBank Administrators verses MiRead Administrators.
Read below for each registration link:
MiStrategy Bank

To begin the work of setting up strategies for IRIPs in MiRead, a MiStrategyBank Administrator(s) will need to be set up. Generally speaking, this would be a small team of administrators, lead teachers, and/or literacy coaches. It is also recommended that districts partner with ELA consultants and literacy coaches from their ISDs in completing MiStrategyBank work. 

Please register your MiStrategyBank Administrators here as soon as possible.
MiRead Bank
Once your data is integrated and the new information for the year is flowing into MiRead, you will need to identify a MiRead System Administrator who will be the first user(s) in the system. This person just needs to do two things:
  1. Select the assessment(s) you will use in MiRead and the associated cut-score for IRIPs, and
  2. Select from the list of staff members in the building/district which educators should have access to MiRead.

Please register your MiRead administrators here as soon as possible.