The MiRead Memo
December 19, 2019
MiRead Cost
No Fees for 2019/20 school year: Given the challenges (both technical and support delays) that schools implementing MiRead this year have experienced, we have decided to reclassify this as an “expanded pilot year” for MiRead. In short, all MiRead fees will be waived for districts participating in the current school year. 
New Printing Options
Based on user feedback our development team implemented enhanced options for printing IRIPs . The image below demonstrates the current IRIP print options, which include any or all of the following; plan details (goals and strategies), team members, assessment scores and graphs, history, and/or a signature block. This feature allows teachers to print more or less detail based on the needs of the students and families, and also allows for schools to agree on a common practice for paper copies. 
Feedback Sessions
Over the past three weeks we have held feedback and planning sessions with a variety of stakeholder groups.  
The three goals of this work were to:
  1. Gather feedback on the initial implementation and use of MiRead in districts and ISDs.  
  2. Identify and prioritize needed features and tools for development to support the implementation and use of MiRead in districts and ISDs.
  3. Inform efforts to support districts still implementing and plans, resources, and timelines for implementation for the 2021 school year.
*We are working with UP districts on scheduling a remote feedback and feature session, after the holidays, which will inform all of the goals above.
Recently Released Features & Fixes
  • Plan Printing
  • Active plans can be printed directly from the student profile without having to go through the plan creation steps.
  • Added the ability to select what individual sections of the student profile / plan to print.
  • Removed staff phone numbers from printed plans.
  • Student List Filtering - added the ability to filter the student list view based on overall score and components.
  • Student Profile Page Assessment Scores Table - added ability to filter by date.
  • Improved error handling of errant student data from student information systems.
  • Fixed sorting columns in student lists.
  • Fixed issue of not being able to select an educator for a goal or strategy because the selection list place them off the screen.
  • Fixed "enter" / "return" key being able to be used to execute searches.
If you have any other fixes for the MiRead site, please send them to Taylor Hoag, at .
Upcoming Features & Fixes
Upcoming Features and Fixes to be released in the next few week(s):
  • Updated Acadience score mapping created in coordination with Acadience Learning.
  • Ability to submit a support ticket request from within the system using links in the start page "announcements" box and "need help" link in footer.
  • When a plan fails on final submission due to an error with a strategy, the user is notified of the specific failing strategy. Guidance is given where available, and a link to support a ticket where not.
  • Fixed being able to display enrollments/retentions in Pre-K grades.
  • Adding ability to create a group based on a filtered list of students.
  • Fixing progress notes creation errors.
  • Updating iPad type resolution displays for greater usability.