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March 5, 2020
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TONIGHT: Updates to MiRead
This evening the MiRead development team will be updating MiRead with a number of new features and a few system fixes that they have been working on over the past two months. We held off on getting some of these out during the busy January - February IRIP window as to not cause any confusion during that time. Below are a list of updates being applied tonight:

Enhanced Features:
  • Integration of iReady assessments
  • Updated views of strategies in the planning process with regard to cost and time information.  
  • New type of task produced by task generation when a student becomes IRIP status mid-year after having an existing “regular” plan prompting them to review the existing plan, now as an IRIP (i.e.better handling of of transitions throughout the year).
  • The ability to add multiple staff members to a student’s team at a time, including a new user interface for adding Team Members.
  • The ability to include progress notes, professional appraisal notes and/or personal notes (able to select each individually) when printing student plans.

New Features:
  • The ability to filter the list of students to those with, or needing, IRIPs. This allows a teacher, and soon an administrator, to look only at students needing plans so they can better focus their efforts in the planning and review windows.
  • Showing the long description for a strategy when adding a strategy to the plan/ being able to print the long descriptions
  • The ability to view raw assessment scores (and how they map to MiRead’s Learning Components)

  • Filter NWEA assessments to the current school year only (it was taking previous year assessment into account for tasks)
  • Bug fix so that we retrieve the correct grade for a student when they have an early childhood enrollment/ retrieving the correct grade when there are multiple associations for a student.

In the next couple of months, we anticipate the completion of STAR and AimsWebPlus integration and new coach, administrator, and ISD support tools.  

If you have any other fixes for the MiRead site, please send them to Taylor Hoag at .
MiRead at MACUL 2020
If you are attending the MACUL conference this year in Grand Rapids on March 12-13, please be sure to stop by one of our MiRead presentations and the Michigan Collaboration Hub booth 201

We’d love to talk with you about MiRead and/or get your thoughts during the two presentations on Thursday, titled “ MiRead: Open Enrollment for 202 . The sessions are in Devos Gallery Overlook H at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on Thursday, March 12th.
Friendly Reminder
MiStrategyBank role descriptions
  1. Admin, also known as the “user maintainer role” allows a staff member to add maintainers and reviewers to their district's MIRead portal
  2. Strategy Maintainer, the maintainer is able to create and maintain strategies in the MiStrategyBank
  3. Strategy Viewer, the viewer allows you to give people access to view strategies but not change or add strategies in the MiStrategyBank

If you haven't already, to register an administrator for the MiStrategyBank go here,