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You are receiving this newsletter because you are connected to MAISA's MiRead project, Michigan's Literacy Portal supporting 3rd Grade Reading and the IRIP process. The MiRead Team will be using this "MiRead Memo" format to communicate updates, reminders and other critical information.
MDE IRIP Window Extension
MDE IRIP Window Extension approved for MiRead Districts . Announced on October 31, offers 30 day extension for plan creation, as long as students have been assessed, identified, and are receiving services. More details below,
Fall Launch Challenges
Data Integrations; As expected the process of ensuring that the comprehensive data needed to operate MiRead is accurate, complete, and flowing effectively through MiDataHub takes some initial time and effort. Four key data elements that have proven to be challenging include:
  • Student UICs: Accurate UICs are critical to operating MiRead and in particular for communications between MiRead and MiStrategyBank. This has, in some limited cases caused an issue where teachers are unable to finalize student IRIPs.
  • Staff PICs: Without staff Personal Identification Codes entered into the local SIS, staff accounts do not get populated in MiRead. Ensuring that all staff have complete and accurate PICs entered is critical.
  • Staff Email Addresses: Like PICs, email addresses in the local SIS are essential for staff to access to MiRead. In addition to some missing emails, we have also discovered a fair number of email addresses in local SISs that are different that the actual email address of the staff person (think marriages or other name changes). 
  • Courses need NCES codes that align to ELA.  

Tools for ISDs and District Administrators to use in supporting teachers and districts in MiRead are in development. The demand for these resources exceeded our expectations and these tools are now high on the list for development. These tools and roles include both local administrators and literacy coaches.

Assessment mapping
  • Acadience Reading: Initial efforts to map results to the six areas of literacy in MiRead resulted in sub-scores that were unfamiliar to teachers and have caused some confusion. In an effort to clarify, we recently met with Roland Good, President of Acadience. Roland is working on mapping results and we expect recommendations from Acadience in the next few days. Look for Acadience results to be updated and easier for teachers to use in November  
  • AimsWebPlus mappings are complete. However we have encountered some challenges in dealing with assessment results that come in incrementally over a period of days or weeks prior to delivering an ‘overall’ score.  
  • Star Reading results have been limited coming into MiRead. Initial efforts to map this data should be showing up soon for the few districts integrating this assessment. Please be sure to share your feedback on Star data as it begins to appear in MiRead, wew want to be sure to present it in a way that educators can use most effectively to support student learning.
  • iReady is now able to send results to MiDataHub. Our team is currently in the process of mapping the assessment results files to the six areas of literacy used by MiRead.
Application Notes
Notable Recent Updates & Corrections:
  • Fix - Long load time at initial “Loading MiRead” screen.
  • Fix - Error submitting finalized plan due to student validation error.
  • Fix - Team member addition search during plan creation.
  • Fix - Printed plan not printing strategies.
  • Update - List all associated students for a principal.
  • Update - Additional error monitoring detail.
  • Update - Do not load “My Classroom” at a glance tile on initial page for staff without student sections.
  • Update - Allow MiRead District Administrators to update user roles without having to first delete the user.
  • Fix - Adjust portions of the user interface that would not completely display on lower resolution displays.
  • Update - Add link to MiRead EduPaths course.
  • Update - System infrastructure updates.
  • Update - Allow a greater time length in difference between student association and section end dates.
  • Update - Add email address viewing for MiRead Administrators to validate the email address that is coming from the SIS and the email used for authentication.
Current Notable Upcoming Work:
  • Design of focused user interface for district administrators and coaching staff.
  • Better handling of user’s student list not loading due to individual student errors.
  • Updated Acadience assessment correlation with learning components.
  • Adding the ability to select what parts of the reading plan to print.
MiStrategyBank is currently working on two enhancements as recommended by the AIR team. The two enhancements will provide a more flexible structure for tracking the amount of time or associated costs when it comes to implementing a strategy.

Release / Update Highlights
  • Worked on the security for viewing logs
  • Improved some UI/UX elements
  • Revised some API validations
  • Fixed a duplicate strategy on entity issue
Announcing MiServiceDesk
A memo will be sent out Monday, November 4, 2019 regarding the new MiServiceDesk ticketing system.

The MiServiceDesk has been created to help troubleshoot issues on the MiStrategyBank and MiRead applications.
EduPaths Course
Don’t forget the Introduction to MiRead course from EduPaths...a great way to get teachers started using the system!