The MiRead Memo
November 21, 2019
Development Team
New this week from the Development Team: 
New Features ( see images below )
  • Student list filter - you can now filter the student list based on the individual scores
  • Date filtering on assessment graph
System ‘Fixes’
  • Student lists are now able to be sorted (example sorted by overall score)
  • Student list loading no longer crashes when there is bad student data, but now highlights the student with data issues.
(The image above demonstrates the use of the new MiRead ‘slide’ filters to narrow the student list based on scores within ranges dynamically defined by the teacher.)
(The two images above demonstrate unfiltered and date filtered views of assessment results for a student in MiRead.  This feature allows teachers to now see both long term assessment data and to narrow in on specific time periods to better understand student progress and inform literacy efforts)
MiServiceDesk Update
Over the past three weeks, MiServiceDesk has received, resolved, or is helping to resolve, 37 MiRead service tickets.  We are working with the MiRead, MiDataHub, MiServiceDesk, MiStrategyBank, and our ISD partners to refine the support process and to streamline support for MiRead users.  

Please don’t forget to use MiServiceDesk if you need assistance with MiRead or MiStrategyBank.