The MiRead Memo
November 4, 2019
Announcing MiServiceDesk
The Collaboration Hub at MAISA is pleased to announce the launch of MiServiceDesk. This partnership with Oakland Schools will allow timely support for all MiRead and MiStrategyBank users. You will now be able to use MiServiceDesk .com as a starting point to create support requests/tickets.

How To Create an Account:
>Click on either " Request MiRead Support" or " Request MistrategyBank Support"
>You will see Oakland Schools login page
> Click on " sign up for account" (pictured below)
>Create your personal login with Email, Password, and Full name. This will allow you to keep track of your tickets.
>Once logged in, you will see the MiServiceDesk portal (pictured below)
>This page will allow you to toggle between submitting a helpdesk ticket for MiRead or MiStrategyBank.
Submitting a Ticket:
There are three ways to contact the service desk for support,
  1. Log into the service desk system to create a service desk request. Select the area that best describes the help you need. *Note the fields on the form vary depending on the type of request. It is helpful to include screenshot attachments.
  2. Call (248)-209-2060
  3. LiveChat is available during business hours when a technician is available. You must be logged into the service desk system. You will notice a prompt in the bottom right-hand corner asking if you would like to chat with a technician. You will need to fill out the required pre-chat information.

Regardless of how the request was submitted, you will receive an auto generated email with a link to your issue. The issue will also be routed to the proper support staff, based on the information you provided in the request.

Service Desk Request Details:
>Click " Requests " in the menu bar to view your requests.
Note: any of your "Open" Ready Desk tickets will appear.

>Click a specific request to view its activity.

>Add a comment or attachment to the request.