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Welcome to the MiRead Memo!
You are receiving this newsletter because you are connected to MAISA's MiRead project, Michigan's Literacy Portal supporting 3rd Grade Reading and the IRIP process. The MiRead Team will be using this "MiRead Memo" format to communicate updates, reminders and other critical information.
Introduction to MiRead Course -
Available Now on
Just Released!  The Introduction to MiRead EduPaths Course for Teachers is a great way to get teachers in MiRead districts ready to use MiRead. This 30 minute course walks teachers through MiRead reviewing screens, options, features and the completion of a student IRIP. Teachers can take this course before and/or after the district has completed MiRead setup and fall assessments. Take it as many times as you need, first as an overview and again as you follow along, working with your own student data.  

New for MiRead System Administrators!  MiRead System Configuration Instructions.

Updated Implementation Process and Support information:

  1. Complete the Tech Prep work
  2. Run the MiRead Data Readiness Check and adjust your SIS integration as needed 
  3. Sign the MiRead Opt-In Agreement
  4. Complete the MiRead System Admin Registration form 
  5. Complete the MiStrategyBank System Admin Registration form
  6. Complete the MiRead System Configuration 
  7. Spot check user access and class rosters with real teachers 
  8. Setup Strategies in MiStrategyBank
  9. Edupaths Introduction to MiRead course completed by teachers (30 minutes +/-)
MiRead Data Sharing Agreement -
Now Ready for Signature

The MiRead Data Sharing Agreement is now ready for signature. Local Superintendents will need to login to the MiDataHub Cockpit and sign the agreement to ‘turn on’ the MiRead application for the district and begin the flow of data from MiDataHub into MiRead. Please refer to the MiRead Agreement Directions for details on how to complete this critical step in the configuration process. Once completed, MiRead staff can setup your local MiRead Administrator ( register Admins here ) accounts so that you can begin to use the system. For assistance with signing the agreement or accessing the MiDataHub cockpit please email:  

To aid districts in preparing for the use of MiRead, the MiDataHub team has created a MiRead Readiness Script. This Script is designed to be run by technology and data staff at your district or ISD and provide clarity around the data needed for MiRead to operate. Please use the MiRead Readiness Check instructions for running the MiRead Readiness Script once your local Student Information System has been setup in MiDataHub for the current school year and the MiRead Opt-In Agreement has been signed.