Volume 6 | November 27, 2018
MiTransfer Pathways – Phase II Summit I 
On Friday, November 2, the first MiTransfer Pathways Summit for the four Phase II academic programs occurred at the Jackson College Maher Campus. The goal of the summit was to identify required, recommended, optional and appropriate courses that meet associate and bachelor’s degree program requirements, especially in major-specific courses as well as program electives in each major to be part of a Transfer Pathway. View the MiTransfer Pathways courses that were selected for each pathway on the Customized Program Worksheets

The Phase II Summit focused on the following majors:

•          Communications
•          Computer Science and Computer Information Systems
•          Mechanical Engineering
•          Social Work

Other summit outcomes included understanding Michigan transfer student data, examining challenges associated with transfer, reviewing mathematics pathways, and documenting the major-specific mathematics pathway.
The work of guiding transfer strategies and selecting transfer pathways is being conducted by the Michigan Transfer Steering Committee (TSC) which, established in fall of 2016, is comprised of more than 30 representatives from Michigan community colleges, public universities, independent colleges & universities, and MACRAO, along with ex-officio members from the Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU), Michigan Community College Association (MCCA), and the Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities (MICU).

The MiTransfer Pathways is a student centered, faculty driven initiative intended to make the overall transfer experience more efficient, easy to understand, and simple to navigate while optimizing credit transfer. Although the perception is that students transfer from their local community college to a local university, the actual transfer routes are far more complicated leading from community colleges to many universities across the state. 
MiTransfer Pathways – Phases I, Meeting II
The second MiTransfer Pathways Phase I meeting took place on Friday, October 19, at Adrian College. The purpose of this meeting was to finalize courses to be included in the Phase I Pathways. Appropriate math courses were also determined as part of the pathways for Biology, Business, Criminal Justice, and Psychology. View the MiTransfer Pathways courses on the Program Worksheets .

Among the next steps of the Phase I Transfer Pathways initiative is the development of an Articulation Agreement. This work is expected to be completed by the end of winter. A committee has been formed for the purpose of creating an articulation agreement. In the interim, institutions will make adjustments necessary to facilitate their participation in the statewide agreements and prepare for Fall 2019 implementation. An Articulation agreement signing ceremony for the Phase I MiTransfer Pathways is expected to take place in Spring 2019.

A Phase I, Meeting II re-cap webinar was held on Wednesday, October 24. Please access the recording and slides , and feel free to forward to colleagues who may want to follow this work.
Majors Selected for Phase III
The following 4 majors are the final grouping programs to be included in the MiTransfer Pathways initiative. These majors were determined through careful examination of data from the Community College Research Center (CCRC), Michigan Hot Jobs, and IPEDS.

·        Art
·        English
·        Exercise Science/Kinesiology
·        Public Health

The first Phase III summit is scheduled on May 15, 2019 at Lansing Community College- West Campus.  
Michigan Transfer Network Replacement
The development of the Michigan Transfer Network continues to move forward. On the development site you can view updates and track the progress of this work. Students will be able to search for courses, view information about the Michigan Transfer Agreement, explore the MiTransfer Pathways, and link to more information about transferring from and to institutions throughout Michigan. The MTN website will also include a robust reporting feature which will allow university administrators access to information about the transferability of courses, equivalency changes, users’ searches, and credit hour differences between similar courses. 

Testing for all participating institutions to upload test file(s) will begin in January 2019 with developing and testing continuing through the spring. The site is expected to go live in May 2019.  
Right Math at the Right Time Update
On October 4 th and 5 th , representatives from the Michigan Right Math at the Right Time (RM@RT) team attended the Math Pathways to Completion Capstone event hosted by the Charles A. Dana Center in Dallas, TX. The event marked the end of Michigan’s formal participation in the Dana Center’s six-state initiative to strengthen mathematics pathways. The team celebrated Michigan’s efforts to identify learning outcomes for gateway college-level math courses in each of the three MTA pathways, provide support for discipline faculty in selecting appropriate math pathways for programs of study and encourage the adoption of field-tested, evidence based approaches to accelerate completion of college-level math courses for underprepared students. During the event, the team also created a sustainability plan to build on the work begun on this initiative. 

An important focus for RM@RT has been ensuring transfer students enter a relevant math pathway and complete a college-level math course that applies to their selected program of study before they transfer. Math Pathway program point persons from participating universities and community colleges have attended each MiTransfer Pathway Faculty Summit to provide information and facilitate discussion of math pathway options for each selected program. As a result, the mathematics pathways and courses for programs in Phase I and Phase II have been identified. Phase II will launch in spring 2019.
MACRAO MiTransfer Webinars
MACRAO is hosting two webinars related to the transfer project.
Register for MiTransfer Pathways: Transfer Liaison Tips on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 from 3:00-4:00 pm. This webinar is designed to help MiTransfer Pathways transfer liaisons learn tips on effective transfer liaison practices. The webinar will be recorded and available at mitransfer.net. 

Register for MACRAO Michigan Transfer Network Replacement Update on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm. This webinar will provide a comprehensive update on the Michigan Transfer Network Replacement. This webinar will be recorded and available at mitransfer.net. 
A multitude of stakeholders at Michigan’s colleges and universities are enthusiastically engaging in the work of advancing the statewide student transfer agenda. Staff at MCCA, MASU and MICU are eager to harness this energy and to produce tangible results that will improve transparency and efficiency in the transfer process, while maintaining high-quality instructional delivery and student outcomes.

If you have questions or comments you wish to share as it involves advancing the student transfer and student success in Michigan, you are encouraged to contact a member of the Transfer Steering Committee . You are also encouraged to contact Erica Orians at the MCCA, Will Emerson at MASU, or Shannon Price at MICU; they are serving as the primary project coordinators and staff liaisons for the MTN replacement and MiTransfer pathways initiatives.           
Erica Lee Orians, Ph.D.                               
Executive Director, Center for Student Success          
Michigan Community College Association                                
517-372-4350 /  eorians@mcca.org          

Will Emerson, Ph.D.
Director of Student Success Initiatives
Michigan Association of State Universities               
517-482-1563 /  wemerson@masu.org   

Shannon Price
Director of Member Services
Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities
517-899-7216 / sprice@micolleges.org