Volume 8 | June 3, 2019
Michigan Transfer Network Upgrade Goes Live!

A new, more user-friendly online resource is now available for Michigan students who want to transfer their postsecondary education credits from one institution to another.
The new site, MiTransfer.org , allows students to search for courses, view information about the Michigan Transfer Agreement, and link to more information about transferring from and to institutions throughout Michigan. 

The MiTransfer.org website also includes a robust reporting feature that allows university administrators access to information about the transferability of courses, equivalency changes, users’ searches, and credit hour differences between similar courses. The project team will continue to provide training and resources to help institutions use the new Michigan Transfer Network.  

The project was funded through the state’s FY 2018 state budget, which included a one-time appropriation to support statewide student success initiatives.
The work of guiding Michigan’s transfer strategies is led by the Transfer Steering Committee (TSC) which, established in fall of 2016, is comprised of more than 30 representatives from Michigan community colleges, public universities, independent colleges & universities, and MACRAO, along with ex-officio members from the Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU), Michigan Community College Association (MCCA), and the Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities (MICU). 
Special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions to the design and development of the site over the last 18 months:
Kelley Conrad (Muskegon Community College) 
Will Emerson (MASU)
Katie Giardello (MCCA)
Felipe Gonzalez (project consultant)
Carrie Jeffers (Macomb Community College)
Laurie Kattuah-Snyder (Schoolcraft College)
Colleen Kibin (Eastern Michigan University
John Meldrum (Oakland University)
Erica Orians (MCCA)
Shannon Price (MICU)
Kim Rotundo (Northern Michigan University) 
Theresa Rowe (Oakland University) 
Kristin Schuette (Michigan State University)
Cheryl Shelton (Mott Community College)
Cindy Sutherland (Siena Heights University)
Tricia Westergaard (Oakland University) 
John Creed and Eric Sign (Digital Active) 
A multitude of stakeholders at Michigan’s colleges and universities are enthusiastically engaging in the work of advancing the statewide student transfer agenda. Staff at MCCA, MASU and MICU are eager to harness this energy and to produce tangible results that will improve transparency and efficiency in the transfer process, while maintaining high-quality instructional delivery and student outcomes.

If you have questions or comments you wish to share as it involves advancing the student transfer and student success in Michigan, you are encouraged to contact a member of the Transfer Steering Committee . You are also encouraged to contact Erica Orians at the MCCA, Will Emerson at MASU, or Shannon Price at MICU; they are serving as the primary project coordinators and staff liaisons for the MTN replacement and MiTransfer pathways initiatives.           
Erica Lee Orians, Ph.D.                               
Executive Director, Center for Student Success          
Michigan Community College Association                                
517-372-4350 /  eorians@mcca.org          

Will Emerson, Ph.D.
Director of Student Success Initiatives
Michigan Association of State Universities               
517-482-1563 /  wemerson@masu.org   

Shannon Price
Director of Member Services
Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities
517-899-7216 / sprice@micolleges.org