Volume 9 | August 12, 2019
MiTransfer Pathways – Phase I
Articulation Agreement Progress
We are pleased to announce the articulation agreement template for the MiTransfer Phase 1 Pathways has been shared with the participating institutions. The current template is the product of extensive scrutiny by the Transfer Steering Committee’s Articulation Agreement Team which was tasked with crafting the document. This latest version reflects input from a diverse array of institutional representatives, including presidents, academic affairs officers, registrars and transfer liaisons. This template will be the same for the other three Phase 1 pathways (biology, business, criminal justice). MCCA, MASU, and MICU sent all four template agreements to institutions on August 1. Next steps to finalizing and signing the agreements are detailed in the timeline below:
  • Monday, September 30, 2019 - Deadline for Institutions to Signal Participation (via online survey)

  • Friday, October 25, 2019 - Update Agreement (add participating institutions’ worksheets and other appendices)

  • Friday, November 8, 2019 - Distribute Final Agreement and Request Signatures

  • Friday, December 6, 2019 - Deadline to Finalize Signatures
This is a historic project with over 50 colleges and universities having expressed an interest in taking part. We want to thank everyone on the Transfer Steering Committee for their ongoing attention and participation in the MiTransfer Pathways initiative.
MiTransfer.Org Updates
Mitransfer.org, the redesigned Michigan Transfer Network (MTN) website, has been live for two months and we have had over 15,000 page views. There are a few updates to the site as requested by users and some additional information about marketing and training. 

LinkedIn Social Media Option : We added LinkedIn as a social media option. Users with secure access can navigate to Dashboard > Institution > and then add your institution's LinkedIn page.

Update Phone Number:  We added a phone number to the institution pages. Users will secure access can update your phone number by navigating to Dashboard > Institution > and then add your phone number. This can be the general number to the institution or a specific department that you have identified.  

Marketing Materials Available:  Resources to help colleges market the new Michigan Transfer Network are available on the website Please share these materials with your marketing and communications team. Fall semester is a great opportunity to introduce students to the new transfer website. 

  • MiTransfer Logo files:   Several versions of the MiTransfer logo.
  • MTN Site TourThis one-minute video provides a comprehensive overview of the new MTN.
  • MiTransfer Press Release: Institutions can customize this press release.  
  • Social Media ResourcesUse these images on social media channels.
  • Print media: Marketing materials are available for participating institutions. These include a rack card, postcard, small poster, large poster, and business card. These can be downloaded for print or websites.

Training Materials Available : Tr aining videos are available to help colleges transition to the new Michigan Transfer Network. These short videos are valuable resources for all users. 

Date Last Updated Institutions can view the date that data was last updated on their institution’s page from the Find Colleges & Universities page. Update your institutional information and course equivalencies so that students have access to the latest information on transferring.  
Project Consultant: Donna Petras 
We are pleased to introduce Dr. Donna Petras as the Project Consultant hired by MCCA to support MiTransfer. Donna has worked in higher education for nearly 30 years in various positions at Macomb Community College and is also adjunct faculty at Macomb and Oakland University. She completed her doctoral degree in higher education administration from Northeastern University in Boston where her dissertation research focused on the impact of collaborative inter-institutional relationships on successful student transfer. Donna served on several state-level initiatives during her tenure at Macomb including the Michigan Transfer Agreement, 60-credit Block Transfer, and Transfer Steering Committee.

In her current role as principal at Collegiate Consulting, LLC, she will be supporting the MiTransfer project as a consultant to support colleges and universities in finalizing their direct equivalents in the MiTransfer pathways.
A multitude of stakeholders at Michigan’s colleges and universities are enthusiastically engaging in the work of advancing the statewide student transfer agenda. Staff at MCCA, MASU and MICU are eager to harness this energy and to produce tangible results that will improve transparency and efficiency in the transfer process, while maintaining high-quality instructional delivery and student outcomes.

If you have questions or comments you wish to share as it involves advancing the student transfer and student success in Michigan, you are encouraged to contact a member of the Transfer Steering Committee . You are also encouraged to contact Erica Orians at the MCCA, Will Emerson at MASU, or Shannon Price at MICU; they are serving as the primary project coordinators and staff liaisons for the MTN replacement and MiTransfer pathways initiatives.           
Erica Lee Orians, Ph.D.                               
Executive Director, Center for Student Success          
Michigan Community College Association                                
517-372-4350 /  eorians@mcca.org          

Will Emerson, Ph.D.
Director of Student Success Initiatives
Michigan Association of State Universities               
517-482-1563 /  wemerson@masu.org   

Shannon Price
Director of Member Services
Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities
517-899-7216 / sprice@micolleges.org