Dear Resident,
The City of Miami Beach launched its anti-litter campaign this year with the theme "Keep Miami Beach Clean and Fit." 

In this email, I share with you many of the steps being taken to keep our streets, beaches and waters clean.  Feel free to email me at with other ideas.  I also share some great fitness opportunities, FREE to Residents, that you might not have known about! 

Have a safe, healthy and happy summer! 
Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman
Keeping Miami Beach Clean!
Did you know?
  • Styrofoam and plastic straws are no longer allowed on the beach
  • Ashtrays will be available to smokers enjoying the beach concessions
  • Food service on the beach must be in biodegradable containers

Call Code at 305-604-CITY if you see otherwise!

Clean Beaches
Beach Sand Quality

Commissioner Grieco proposed and received unanimous support from the rest of the Commission on First Reading for a Beach Sand Quality Ordinance that sets forth requirements for the physical characteristics and chemical composition of the sand to be placed on our beaches.

This was driven by a recent sand deposit that contained construction debris.

The proposed ordinance requires the developer to pay for the cost of the testing, as well as the cost for the City to conduct appropriate oversight over the sand transfer-related activities.

Second reading of the Ordinance will be at the July 13th Commission Meeting.

Clean Streets
See a Leaky Garbage Truck? Report it!

Residents should know that drivers are expected to inspect their vehicles before driving. If you see a vehicle leaking, take a picture or note the truck number if you can.  Report it to Code Compliance at 305-604-CITY (2489)  or click here to report it from your phone via the Miami Beach eGov app.

Did you know? 
The City installed 230 new garbage cans on sidewalks throughout the city in the last 16 months as part of the "Can on Every Corner" campaign.  75 more are slated to be installed in the upcoming year!
Clean Water 
Photo of solid waste removed by our stormwater system... this is one of the benefits provided by our new pump system.

Miami Beach is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve, and an interconnected system of waterways that provide habitat for fish and wildlife, opportunities for recreation, and an enhanced quality of life.

Because our waterways play such a critical role in our community, the City employs a multi-faceted stormwater management strategy to limit pollution from impacting the quality of these waters. One such initiative is water quality sampling and analysis.

We have coordinated with Miami-Dade County to expand the existing water quality monitoring network to include six sampling stations in and adjacent to our city which will be analyzed monthly for physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

This program will allow us to fill existing data gaps by establishing water quality baselines and to measure the long-term status and trends of water quality parameters in these previously unstudied areas. Once we have established baselines, the City will utilize the water quality data to tailor our stormwater management program for maximum pollutant reduction.

The City of Miami Beach has $60,000 in funding available for projects that promote environmental and/or marine resource protection and/or youth environmental stewardship.

Projects should encourage:
  • Restoration / enhancement of the natural environment
  • Sustainable practices, urban forestry, water quality, wildlife awareness and healthy ecosystems 
  • Volunteerism and youth involvement that serve to expand community awareness 
  • Partnerships among community groups and stakeholders to leverage experience and resources
  • Long-term, measurable results

Deadline for submission is Friday, July 1, 2016. For questions, please email Yanira Pineda at                  
Submit environmental grant ideas!
Keeping Miami Beach Fit!
Free Swimming Lessons
The City of Miami Beach offers resident children ages 6 months - 5 years free swimming lessons at Normandy, Flamingo and Scott Rakow pools! 

Call ahead to find out what documents to bring with you to the pool of your choice - signup for July 9th Aqua Babies Saturday and Sunday series (ages 3-5 yrs) begins July 5th, and sessions for 6 months - 2 yrs are conducted Sept-May.

In addition to the Youth Aquatics offered at Scott Rakow Youth Center, Learn to Swim weekend classes are available this summer. 

Monthly Session Dates:
June 4- June 26
July 9 - July 31
August 6- August 28

Please visit their webpage for class schedules, rates and requirements  

Free Golf
FREE for Miami Beach Residents

Ages: 6 - 15

Mondays; 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Wednesdays; 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The Normandy Shores Youth Clinics introduces children to the great game of golf in a fun and relaxing environment.  Clinics are taught by our staff of PGA Professionals that use great care and enjoyment in teaching the game of golf to children.  Children will be introduced to the basic fundamentals using SNAG golf equipment, SNAG stands for Starting New at Golf, this new teaching system provides a fun and non-intimidating way to learn the basics of golf. 

Space is limited to the first 20 children to sign up, please call (305) 868-6502 to register. M ust show proof of Miami Beach Residence.  
Free Yoga!
Free yoga, just show up!

Collins Park: Mon/Wed 6:30pm

North Shore Bandshell: Mon/Wed 6:00pm

Southpointe Park: Tues/Thurs 5:30pm

Free fitness classes for seniors
Scott Rakow and North Shore Youth Center
Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 3:00pm
Adaptive Beach Days
With support from the City, the Sabrina Cohen Foundation has created an adaptive beach program that provides access to the beach to individuals living with disabilities by using a platform of decks and mats over the sand, beach wheelchairs and specialized staff/volunteers.

Programming will take place the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, from 10am to 2pm at 6475 Collins Avenue.  Please visit for more information! 
Park & Playground Updates
Plans for upgrading the facility and playgrounds at Muss Park are underway, with a rendering of the future pavilion here.
The City held a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at the Scott Rakow Youth Center to unveil their new playground.

The playground at Beach View Park will be temporarily closed to remove the existing playground and replace it with a new structure and surface. The project is expected to commence on Wednesday, June 15th, and will take 1 month to complete, weather permitting.

All Wheels Park Concept
Following a public workshop in late May, the residents of Miami Beach have spoken and want an all-wheels park in our city! 

Now, it's just a matter of finding the best location...  following our last Commission meeting, city staff has been directed to study the west lots and North Shore Open Space Park to analyse if they could house a new fun skate park!  Stay tuned for updates!                                               
Bike Registration with MBPD
The Miami Beach Police Department would like to ask for your support in fighting the bicycle theft. Please register your bicycle.  

As an additional security measure, please visit the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) at 1100 Washington Avenue to receive an official MBPD issued decal.                      

Registering your bike with MB Police Department

1. Theft Prevention Tips Lock it! – Always lock the bicycle when unattended, and only leave it in well-lit areas where there is frequent pedestrian traffic. Always lock your bicycle to a bicycle rack. Never lock just the front wheel; be sure include the rear wheel and frame. Use a recommended, high-security bicycle lock. Report suspicious activities – Report all bike thefts and suspicious activities near bicycle parking areas

2. Bicycle Serial Number The serial number is located on the bike frame, usually under the bicycle pedal sprocket. You may have to invert your bicycle to see it.

3. How to Apply To apply for an Electronic Bicycle Registration log in using your registration account credentials. If you don’t have one click Sign Up to register

Moving Miami Beach Forward Together!

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