Resiliency Committee
Dear Fellow Miami Beach Resident,
I told you during my campaign last year that I strongly believe that we need to preserve the character of our special city. 

I promised a balanced approach, one that encourages preservation of historic homes without unfairly infringing upon homeowners' private property rights

I hope you will join me, along with members of the City of Miami Beach Planning and Sustainability Departments, to vet ideas for i ncentives that would improve the business case for retention of historically significant architectural homes .  At tomorrow's Single Family Home Workshop we will explore the barriers residents are facing when they seek to renovate historic homes, and brainstorm ways to remove or mitigate those barriers.  I hope you will join us at City Hall in Commission Chambers (3rd floor) at 6pm tomorrow!

On a related note, I was pleased to sponsor the City's new Resiliency Communications Committee (pictured), whose objective is to assist the community to reduce flood risk and ultimately reduce the cost of flood insurance.  

The most important challenge we face is keeping Miami Beach a great place to live and raise a family, and that means making every effort to keep it affordable.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at, or call my office 786-459-7111.


Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán
John E. Alemán | City of Miami Beach Commissioner | 786-459-7111 |