Meet Gemini Catamarans today at Miami Boat Show.  
Located Pier 9, Space: 959

Gemini Legacy 35 and Freestyle 399 POWER on display
Discuss Day Charter Business Opportunities aboard Gemini Freestyle Sail or Power 37 to 39 Feet.

 GEMINI CATAMARANS has proven to be a successful choice for Day Charter Business.  Now operating in 12 destinations in the USA,Caribbean and Mexico earning charter revenue with very satisfied clientele

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Find out your net return operating as Day Charter Business

At 12 guests per day, 365 days a year find out your net return after deducting operating and charter related expenses. Earn Revenue on sale of beverages & Catering

The Gemini Legacy 35, Freestyle 37 and Freestyle 399 Power are currently operating in the following locations: 
Fort Lauderdale, FL - USA  
Chesapeake Bay, MD - USA  
New Jersey
Chicago - Great Lakes, IL - USA 
San Diego, CA  
Monterrey, CA
Cancun, Mexico 
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico
Tortola, British Virgin Islands 
The Gemini Freestyle 399 POWER: On Display. 
The ultimate day sailing catamaran is  available as the ultimate day-boat power catamaran.
We are reimagining the design brilliance of the Freestyle 37 as a power catamaran. We're taking all the innovation of the Freestyle 37 and evolving it to fit the needs and wants of the go-fast crowd.

The new design is nothing short of amazing and we cannot wait for you to see it in person. This center-console design is powered by twin Suzuki DF90A outboards with a cruising speed of 15 knots and 22.5 knots at full throttle - with seven crew aboard. The expansiveness of the Freestyle 37 is made even larger!

With the helm station situated up front and center, the cockpit is made even larger. So now we have a design that provides all the stability, space and capability of the original Freestyle with a new feature: comfortably cruising at 15 knots! New stability keels are situated aft on the hulls, so she draws only draws 18 inches! The bows have also been redesigned to include extensions so she lifts as she powers up.
No other boat matches the steady and balanced ride of the Freestyle 399 Power.

Gemini Legacy 35 on Display During Miami Boat Show

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Made in America since 1981, the Gemini Legacy 35 has proven to be the most family-friendly performance cruising catamaran in the world.

5 Good Reasons on why The Gemini Legacy 35 is a good choice.

#1. A 34 inch draft that allows the boat to be pulled up right next to a beach or anchored in small, protected coves.

#2. A 14 foot beam, which means the boat can be trucked anywhere in the country, hauled out of the water with a standard size travel lift and kept in a standard size slip.

#3. Costing no more than an average mid-size monohull, the Gemini Legacy 35 has more interior volume than most 40-foot monohulls.

#4.Fast, level sailing. Imagine moving along at wind speed with virtually no heeling. Your drink stays on the table and you stay comfortably reclined in your seat. 

#5. Fast, family friendly, easy to maneuver, and affordable.
Gemini catamarans are the most successful cruising catamaran ever built, with over 1,200 dotting the rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide.