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Miami-Dade County is Under Hurricane Warning. Finish Your Preparations Now!

City of Coral Gables's EOC

Miami-Dade County is under a Hurricane Warning. The City of Coral Gables Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is fully staffed and prepared to handle this emergency to protect your life and property. 

Please remain calm and informed. Mandatory evacuations continue for residents living in Zones A, B, and parts of C. If you live in these areas, please seek shelter with a friend or relative, or as a last resort find an available public shelter near you.
Visit the  City of Coral Gables website at for updated information such as the evacuation map. 

For Your Safety: Coral Gables Police is Patrolling Your Area

The City of Coral Gables Police Department is currently patrolling all areas of the City around the clock with added personnel who will be vigilant throughout all communities. We are committed to serving and protecting our residents, their properties and businesses. The heighten police patrol will continue until the City of Coral Gables is back to normal. During this time law enforcement officers will take all necessary measurements to assure a maximum security for our residents. 
Important Safety Tips


We urge all our Coral Gables residents to follow these safety measures to avoid injury or damage to their home. 
  • Remember to unplug appliances such as stoves and ovens when the power goes out to avoid the potential for accidental fires.
  • Candles are not a safe alternative for lighting, use flashlights or battery powered lanterns. 
  • Generators are a dangerous source of Carbon Monoxide. When running a generator make sure it is set up with the exhaust pointing away from the home and open windows.
  • When refueling generators, keep in mind the engine must shut off and allowed time to cool off.
  • Avoid standing water
  • Stay away from windows
  • Avoid down power lines
  • If you suspect a building collapse, look for a safe area. 



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