Al-Naseer August Events
"O ye who believe! When
the call is made for Prayer
on Friday, hasten to the
remembrance of Allah,
and leave off all business.
That is better for you, if
you only knew." (Al-Quran 62:10-12)
‘Offering Friday prayer has been made
obligatory on everyone who believes in Allāh and in the Last Day, with the exception of the sick, the traveler, women, children and slaves, because they have their constraints.’

Allāh says that when you are called to the Friday prayer, do not show any kind of laxity. Immediately come for the prayer, no
matter how busy you are. Even if it is the peak business hour and neglecting business affairs could result in a loss of millions, you should not care about that and come to the mosque; because attending the mosque
and offering prayer and listening to the Sermon of the Imām is a million times better than your worldly pursuits. But only those who possess knowledge and wisdom can comprehend this. Allāh says that when the Friday prayer is finished, you are free to go and busy yourself in your worldly affairs and trade, and God will bless what you do.

(Extracts from Friday Sermons of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba))
Jumu'ah attendance Drive Mark the first Friday of every month as a day when mothers and fathers should pick their children from school early and bring them to Jumu’ah and pray for the success of this program. This would break the inertia and, once established, the frequency of this campaign should increase.  (National Tarbiyyat Department)
Spreading the message of Islam and Ahmadiyya
Imam Syed Abdullah and Miami Tabligh team are out at different locations on tabligh van every weekend and some weekdays. If there is suitable location in your area contact brother Zafar Suraleigh.
On Aug. 11 over 200 Ahamdi Muslims gathered for Eid-ul-Azha prayers in Baitul Naseer Mosque (above); volunteers donated blood after the prayers (below):
National Education Department recognized Miami graduates 2019 (above); Ahmadiyya Muslim Community recognized respected Munawer Ahmad Chaudhry for his over a 10 years of services as President of the community (below):
I Solemnly Pledge.....
August 24, 2019, the Miami Jamaat participated in a health fair at the South Olive Community Center in the City of West Palm Beach, Florida. Present were Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman, Dr. Bashir Sheikh, Kaleem Uddin and Labeed Choudhry. Dr. Rehman came from Albany, NY to participate in the event and lend his services as a medical doctor. The Jamaat was able to serve approximately 25 low income residents of Palm Beach County by providing them a free medical check-up which included blood pressure and sugar checks. The organizers of this event have always welcomed our services and provided us with a booth at the fair where we could set up and a separate room where we could see the patients. Dr. Rehman was also able to give an interview in Spanish to an Hispanic radio station regarding the Jamaat.
Services to Humanity
The Humanity First and Lajna Imaellah Miami supported City's 'back to school drive' at Foster Park. Sixty three backpacks with supplies were given to deserving students.
If you want to be a part of Tabligh and outreach activities, please sign up here:
Upcoming Events | September 2019
Tehrik e Jadid Day
11am - 2pm
Baitul Naseer Mosque
208 NW 7th Ct. Hallandale Beach 33009
Ijtema Majlis Ansarullah USA
Baitur Rahman Mosque, 15000 Good Hope Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20905
SEP. 22
Humanity First Food Donation
Baitul Naseer Mosque
208 NW 7th Ct. Hallandale Beach 33009