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January 2019
Signs of Promise for a Happy New Year
With the arrival of 2019, comes new opportunity! Here at the township, we look forward to providing you with the high quality services you've come to expect. If 2019 is anything like 2018, an exciting year is in store! Watch this video to see all that we accomplished in 2018:
Airport Land Re-zoned for Future Development
The Board of Trustees has signed off on a plan to re-zone 321 acres of land at the Dayton Wright Brothers Airport. Trustees voted unanimously at the December 11 meeting to designate the land for mixed-use purposes instead of solely operating as an airport district.

The city of Dayton owns the airport which sits at the corner of State Route 741 and Austin Boulevard. While the city currently has no formal plans for the land, the new zoning will bring any future development in line with standards already set in and around Austin Landing.

City and township leaders envision the property to consist of three sections of development. While Area 1 will continue to support airport needs, Area 2 will allow office space for companies that want to locate closer to the airport. It also permits businesses that serve the community such as retail, restaurants and a gas station, plus the construction of an electronic sign. Area 3 is set up primarily as an industrial and business park to attract new employers to the region such as corporate offices and manufacturing companies.

Any new development in the newly zoned area must meet the standards set for signage, landscaping, lighting and design. The trustees’ approval of Resolution #115-2018 to adopt the proposal upholds the recommendation of the Zoning Commission.
At Your Service
Waldruhe Park
Layer Park
Party at the parks!
How great would it be to throw a birthday party at Waldruhe Park or maybe celebrate an anniversary at Miami View? Miami Township is home to 10 beautiful parks, some of which are just waiting to host your event!

Township residents get first dibs on reservations beginning January 2. Non-residents must wait until April.

For more information about which parks are available and what activities each offers, visit our Parks & Rec page online or call (937) 433-9969.
Get your dog tags here!
Dog tags are on sale at the township government center through January 31. The cost is $20 for neutered dogs and $24 for dogs not neutered. CASH or CHECK only. Check payable to Miami Township. Hours: M-F; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. READ MORE
Happy Retirement!
Connie DePew served the community for more than 20 years as the executive administrative assistant with the Miami Township Police Department. We celebrated her service with a party and a flowey cake! Congratulations, Connie!
Community Spotlight
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church preparing for bicentennial
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is a family-oriented church whose roots date to 1820 when a dozen people would gather for worship inside a log cabin at the corner of Dogwood Lane and Stroop Road. It evolved many times through the years until the late 1950s when a parishioner sold land at the corner of Munger and Alex-Bell roads, just inside the Miami Township line, to the church. Worship services began inside Mullen Hall as early as 1959, and the current sanctuary was completed in 1962.
The church’s latest evolution comes after months of construction that is finally winding down, complete with freshly painted walls, newly laid carpet, new lighting, updated restrooms and entrances that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The pews are newly stained, and the old brick pulpit was removed. It is now replaced with a chancel area constructed with more flexible space for better worship leadership.
What sparked this $930,000 labor of love is the church’s 200 th anniversary coming up in 2020. Committee co-chairs are just getting started brainstorming exactly how to celebrate the milestone. Continued...
Meet Your Neighbor
Darren Haper
Visiting Darren Haper at his art studio for the first time is a jolt to the senses. There’s the smell of paint, the beams of sunshine coming through the window, and you can’t help but notice the striped knit cap on his head that matches the stripes on his paint-stained shirt. Among it all are his beautifully eclectic paintings in different stages of completion.

There are the giant canvases of whimsical characters and objects that erupt from bright colors that are ready to hang in a gallery or on an art lover’s wall. Then, there are the stacks of paintings that you can leaf through, and earlier works from which his current ones evolved. While Haper appreciates the modern masters, it is his two children that influence him most. His “Cyclops” series is a direct descendent of his son’s imagination.
“This drawer is full of the kids’ artwork. I loved to draw all the time as a kid. I think they’re more creative than I ever was.”

His daughter is 11 years old. His son is 9. The family lives in the Villages of Miami subdivision. He, his wife and kids, have called the township home for about a decade. Continued...

(Cyclops photo courtesy: Darren Haper)
Keeping You Safe This Winter
Research shows that the risk of your house catching fire is greater during the winters months. So, the Miami Valley Fire District has put together a checklist to help your family stay safe. Can you check all the boxes?
Shop Hopping
Welcome Frutta Bowls
Frutta Bowls opened at Austin Landing in December. This unique eatery offers a healthy menu of acai, pitaya and kale based bowls, plus smoothies, oatmeal and wait for it... toast! The shop is located along Rigby Road.
Did You Know?
  • Township administrative offices are closed January 1 for New Year's Day.

  • Township administrative offices are closed January 21 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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