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Michael Tiernan - Thursday - 07/17 - 7:00 - $10
Theme: Van Morrison

Surviving cancer at age 16... At 18, traveling the country in a van with a group of wacky Catholic hippies giving retreats to young people... Criss-crossing through Europe with his guitar... Hanging with monks deep in desert monasteries... Living in the Vatican as a seminarian in his 20's on the way to becoming a priest, yet preferring to play gigs in local Roman pubs, or studying Buddhism in the piazza when he should've been in class...now a seasoned songwriter, performer, father of two babies and four albums...


What would a person like this have to say about life?  Plenty, especially when magnified through the prism of a song.


Meet Michael Tiernan. Through the experiences of what could be ten lifetimes, Michael is an artist who has plunged into and explored the deep spaces of personal and worldly conflict, the beauty of love and nature, the joy of new life and the pain of losing loved ones, as well as the meaning of suffering and pervasive unhappiness that threatens our human experience on all sides. In his music, he resurfaces from these depths beaming with a positive outlook for all of us.


Michael has been a Folkey Monkey guest several times in the past. His infectious enthusiasm bubbles over the brim of his overly full of cup o' talent every time. You may have seen him as we paid tribute to the late great Roy Orbison, or perhaps on both All You Need Is Love Beatles love song shows. No matter, if you have seen him you know he's a master writer and interpreter of others' music as well.


Van Morrison is Michael's chosen theme, and I can't tell you how much I love Van the man. So for a good time, come see MIchael, Jeff Stasny and me on July 17 as we trip the Van fantastic.


Thank you,
Joe Rathburn

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Our Venue
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VISION: A Center For Spiritual Living
VISION: A Center For Spiritual Living
Since February 2011 we have partnered with Vision a Center for Spiritual Living and it has been a beautiful relationship. They offered me their room and sound system for my Folkey Monkey series in return for us simply bringing folks through their doors.

John Kurko, Joel Andersen, Rev. Patti Paris, Larry Paris, the entire crew at Cafe Vison have made our time at Vision a perfect one.

I had been performing my own original music at Centers for Spiritual Living Sunday services all over California since about 1995. Those of you who know my music can get a pretty good idea of what a Sunday service must be like from that fact alone. When John Kurko heard I needed a venue he quickly offered up Vision as a possibility. I accepted and the rest is Monkey history.

I feel what they do on any given Sunday morning is a valuable and practical gift, and it should be shared with anyone who may be open to it. That's why I'm happy to use their space for our concerts. The vibe there is sooo nice.

I would urge anyone who feels the need for greater connection to the good things in life, encouragement, joy, powerful tools to get their life moving in a positive direction, and great inspirational music, to attend at least one Vision Sunday service to see what it's about.

Thank you,
Joe Rathburn

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