CrossOver Sunday Snapshot

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Michelle's Story: A CrossOver Medicaid Eligible Patient
Michelle is just one of an estimated 2,000 CrossOver patients who will be eligible for Medicaid January 1, 2019.
Last month, volunteer Cardiologist Dr. Hassan met with Michelle for a follow-up appointment for rheumatic aortic disease, a heart condition. During the appointment Michelle mentioned that she was experiencing a gynecological issue and had excessive bleeding. As the bleeding was connected to the treatment of her heart condition, Dr. Hassan and Michelle were able to discuss her options together. As Michelle was not planning to have any more children, she and Dr. Hassan determined that a hysterectomy would be the best course of treatment to resolve the excessive bleeding. But how would Michelle pay for the hysterectomy which would need to be performed at a hospital?

Luckily, during her appointment Michelle was informed that she may be eligible for Medicaid. Initially, Michelle was worried that being insured through Medicaid meant she could no longer be a patient at CrossOver, where she has come for many years for her healthcare needs. Dr. Hassan and a CrossOver staff member assured Michelle that she could remain a CrossOver patient while insured through Medicaid, and that enrolling in Medicaid meant that she could receive the hysterectomy, without receiving a massive bill. Michelle was delighted that she could remain a CrossOver patient, and through Medicaid could afford to have the hysterectomy.

Michelle is just one of an estimated 2,000 current CrossOver patients who will be eligible for Medicaid effective January 1, 2019.

This past week's Sunday Snapshot announced CrossOver's decision to begin providing care for Medicaid patients, while continuing to serve the uninsured. We believe that providing continuity of care and a medical home for all of our patients, including those who will soon enroll in Medicaid, is firmly in line with our mission to provide compassionate and high-quality healthcare to people in need. Our participation in Medicaid does not mean that our need for committed donors and dedicated volunteers will decrease – we need you! Your continued support is critical to our ability to provide care for the underserved in our local community.  To learn more, visit .
Assisting Patients with Medicaid Enrollment
CrossOver is looking for volunteers to come into the clinic one to two times a week (three to four hours shifts), for a commitment of up to 12 weeks beginning in November. Volunteers will be provided with training and will assist current CrossOver patients who are Medicaid eligible with filling out an application to enroll in Medicaid. No prior experience is necessary. Volunteers that speak English, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese are our biggest need.

To view the volunteer job description click here . For more information, please contact Molly Smith at or 804-655-2794 x 107.  
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