Share One, Inc. | May 2020
Michigan Columbus Credit Union Signs for 2021 Conversion
Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union, ($48M assets/3,859 members), in Livonia, Michigan, signed with Share One to convert from Fiserv Galaxy to NewSolutions in early 2021.

Michigan Columbus FCU's President/CEO, Barb Thompson, wants to renovate the credit union's software infrastructure to better support their members now and for their credit union's potential expansion in the future. 

Everyone at Share One welcomes Michigan Columbus to our Share One community!

Share One's Board of Directors Election Results
Virtual Annual Meeting Scheduled for May 28, 2020
The Share One CUSO Shareholders elected the following five people to hold positions on the Board of Directors:
Jerry Williams, Eglin FCU
Martin Eakes, Self-Help CU
Dr. David Tuyo, University CU
Jim Ryan, JM Associates FCU
Lynn Calvert, Cascade Community CU
The Annual Meeting will be held May 28, 2020, in a virtual setting. Board positions will be determined at that time. Under the bylaws, the positions will be held for a term of one year.

The election was supervised by Guy Messick of the legal firm of Messick Lauer & Smith P.C., and Guy served as the teller of the election.
We Bid a Fond Farewell to Rick Larsen
Rick Larsen, VP of Development, retired from Share One on May 18, 2020.

Rick's service at Share One spans over thirty years and he has been integral in the creation and development of NewSolutions. Under his management, NewSolutions has provided credit unions and their members with continued enhancements for exceptional service and functionality.
Employee News
Share One is pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Dion to Chief Architect Officer .
Chris began his career at Share One in October 2015 as a Developer. He was promoted to Manager of Development in January of 2017. Chris's goal has been to bring increased client input and knowledge into the development process, including clients beta testing our new products and releases.

Chris graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Security in 2001.
Share One is pleased to announce the promotion of Lisa Proctor to Chief Financial Officer.
Lisa began her career at Share One in 2014 as a Controller. Over these years, Lisa has been managing the financial transactions for Accounting and Finance requirements of the company, along with improving policies, procedures, and reporting for the accounting department.

Lisa graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in Accounting. She enjoys photography, scrapbooking, and generally any type of crafting.
Michael Eason has been promoted to Programmer Analyst II. Michael began his career at Share One in 2017 as a Core Developer and has done exceptional work on projects including eDOC, Frost Insurance, Encompass changes, HMDA, Vantiv, and many others. He acquired his Bachelor of Computer Science from Mississippi State University and looks to continue making sustaining contributions to the company.
Zachariah (Zac) Helton joins the Development team as a Programmer Analyst I. Zac received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Kentucky in 2017. Some of Zac's experience and interests includes work in entomology laboratories, help remodeling a building in a Colorado ghost town, time spent as a Junior Business analyst, along with the study and application of math, physics, and computer programming.
SYNC 2020: Together Toward Tomorrow
Virtual Edition - October 20, 2020
After much contemplation, we made a decision to cancel our “physical” conference at the Peabody in Memphis this fall.

This action was taken in an abundance of caution as we try to manage the possible loss of revenue and consider the inherent risks of our attendees in the midst of this ongoing pandemic.
We are not going to let this “physical” challenge delete our conference! We plan to host our first ever “virtual conference" and are busy putting together a plan to network, share, and learn with SYNC 2020 – Together Towards Tomorrow.

We will have more information and registration as soon as we map out our new direction! 
Cloudflare Coming Soon
Cloudflare is best described as insurance for your digital networks. This product is robust security software which will be installed on each of our client's digital systems. The protection is essentially a filter for your internet connections and can detect serious threats aiming to infiltrate your secure connections.

Now, more than ever, the internet is mission-critical to share data, to solve challenges, and to stay connected. But as the internet increases in importance, you're confronting higher network demand, a rapid acceleration in remote work, and an intensifying risk of cyber threats.

We selected and installed Cloudflare for some of our credit union clients whose digital banking sites were under DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack last year. This occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth of resources of a targeted system. The DDoS attack will attempt to make an online service or website unavailable by flooding it with unwanted traffic from multiple computers. This can flood a certain site with traffic, so much that its network ceases to work, taking the site offline.

The Share One credit unions which experienced these attacks were unable to operate their internet banking systems. Once Cloudflare was implemented, the attacks were identified and then stopped. These experiences proved that this service is needed in the current marketplace, and we plan to install this service for all clients in 2020.

Cost - There will be a cost associated with this protection. Our focus is to deliver this necessary service and recover the cost of this insurance for each of our client's digital networks.

Cloudflare offers best in class network DDoS protection, is entirely software-defined, is vetted by large corporations like IBM, Shopify, and others boasting a proven track record of protecting web applications, infrastructure, and remote workforce reliability.

Our National Account Executives, Michael Curtis , Eric Conrad , and Laura Stewart will have more information to share with you regarding pricing and will be connecting with you to establish a timeline of implementation.
Share One Retires Website Hosting/Design Services
Announces Partnership with OMNICOMMANDER
In an effort to concentrate on delivering the most inclusive, reliable, and innovative versions of NewSolutions and our NS3 suite of digital banking products, we have made the difficult decision to retire our website hosting and design services.

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with OMNICOMMANDER whose dedication to the credit union industry and customer service is legendary. Any credit union desiring assistance in this transition or any credit union wanting to explore new website services, is encouraged to connect with OMNICOMMANDER .
Password Requirement Changes for Citrix/Portal Credentials
On June 2, 2020, password requirements for Citrix and Customer Portal credentials will be changing and will include:

1 . Passwords must be at least eight characters.

2 . Include three of the following four characters:
  • Uppercase Letter
  • Lowercase Letter
  • Number
  • Special Character

3 . New passwords cannot be one of the last four passwords used.
Regulatory Guidance and Compliance
Follow the links below for full articles regarding regulatory guidance and compliance:

Share One Continues the COVID Collaboration
Please join our network of Share One clients and moderator Kim Young in a collaborative discussion utilizing Microsoft Teams. Email Kim Young for an invitation to join the group.
Educational Services Webinar Schedule
All Webinars are free, recorded, and
available on the Customer Portal.

Live Webinars listed below are in Central Time.
Release Notes
  • Major program enhancements include FICS, Contact Management, Password Hashing, and Member Profiles.

  • Additional enhancements include Appearance, Batch, CD Secured VRL, Dormancy, EFT Notification Enhancements, Enterprise for EFT Endpoint Definition, Insurance Automation, Loan Origination, Insurance, Teller, and Add-On Products.

Disaster Recovery Test Schedule
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