September 2018   
ACEC/Michigan Emerging Leaders Program
First Session Held September 6-7 in Lansing

The 2018 ACEC/Michigan Emerging Leaders Program kicked off its first session in Lansing this month. This popular program will be held over three sessions this fall. 

The Emerging Leaders Program is for individuals committed to developing their leadership abilities. This program imparts specific skills and competencies identified by top ACEC/Michigan principals as critical for leadership success. These highly interactive sessions are taught by experts in the field of business administration and people management in professional services firms.

The class will enjoy a dynamic schedule of topics including: Strategic Planning, Governmental Affairs, Risk Management, HR - Recruiting, Retaining and Owning, Leadership, Business Development, Economics of Private Practice, and the Senior Leaders Roundtable: From Management to Leadership - Secrets of Success. Sessions take place this fall in Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids.
If you're interested in having an emerging leader from your firm participate in a future Emerging Leaders Program,  please visit our website to claim a spot on the waiting list for the 2019 class!
Congratulations to the following members of the 2018 Emerging Leaders Program:

Myles Badour
Ruby+Associates, Inc.
Brad Bice
The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.
Phil Doorlag
Scott Gibbs
Peter Basso Associates, Inc.
Kevin Gritters
Jason Juilleret
Gourdie-Fraser, Inc. 
Jon Larsen
Holland Engineering, Inc.
Ryan Lefere
Great Lakes Engineering Group
Jesse Morgan
Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
Scott Morgan
Harley Ellis Devereaux
Jon Moxey
Fleis & VandenBrink
Lori Pawlik
Wade Trim
William Rapson 
Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.
Jennifer Schmitzer
Somat Engineering, Inc.
Tanweer Shah
GeoTran Consultants
Jasmine Sisson
Brian Smith
CDM Smith
Steve Teitsma
Progressive AE
Justin Voss
Tetra Tech
Dan Yensch
SB 465 Moves out of House Finance Committee
After unanimously passing the full Senate in May, SB 465 H-1 was voted out of the House Financial Services Committee (8 Yeas, 0 Nays) on September 26.  SB 465 would make changes to the Michigan Lien Law to allow design professionals to file a "notice of professional services contract" and therefore be able to attach a lien to recover the fees for services provided in the instance where a project does not move to construction (no physical improvement).   
MDOT-ACEC Partnering Award Nominations
Application Deadline is November 2
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the American Council of Engineering Companies of Michigan (ACEC/M) are excited to announce the sixth annual "MDOT-ACEC Partnership Charter Award." This award recognizes project managers and consultants for their commitment to excellence and promoting an enhanced business partnership based on the ideals set forth in the MDOT/ACEC Partnership Charter Agreement. These ideals include mutual trust, effective communication, continuous improvement, embracing innovation, and timely issues resolution. 
The award will be judged equally on 5 principles:   
*Providing Cost-Effective, High-Quality Services
*Partnering in Streamlining Business Practices
*Engaging in Effective Communication
*Commitment to Transparency & Accountability
*Promoting Innovation and Sustainability
Projects accomplished by team effort between MDOT project managers and ACEC consultants are eligible to receive this award. 
Entries for the 2018 award will be received by the MDOT Performance Excellence Section through November 2 , 2018 . Projects must be substantially complete and ready for use between November 1, 2016 and October 31, 2018.

The award will be announced at the  MDOT-ACEC Partnering Workshop on January 31, 2019.  

2019 Engineering & Surveying Excellence Awards
Competition Update
ACEC/Michigan celebrates and promotes achievements by engineering companies through its annual Engineering & Surveying Excellence Awards. 

Projects from across the   state compete each year for the coveted "Eminent Conceptor" Award. In early November, a panel of judges will evaluate the projects based on innovation, complexity, client satisfaction and future value to the profession. This year's competition is well underway, with project submittals due September 28. 

Award recipients will be recognized on March 2, 2019 during the awards gala, which will be held at the Sound Board in MotorCity Casino, Detroit. Visit the ACEC/M website for more information.  
ACEC/M 2019 Firm of the Year Award
Application Now Available
ACEC/Michigan's "Member Firm of the Year" award program is now open for entry! This prestigious and coveted award recognizes ACEC/M member firms for their demonstrated leadership in promoting engineering through their activities with ACEC and in their communities. Winning this competition will greatly enhance your firm's image and your marketing efforts to both current and potential clients. 
Firms are judged on three important factors:
  • Contributions to the Success of ACEC/Michigan
  • Advancement of the Consulting Design Profession
  • Community Involvement
A small firm (1-30 employees) and a large firm (>30 employees) are eligible to receive this award. The winning firm(s) will be announced at the ACEC/Michigan Engineering and Surveying Excellence Awards Gala on March 2, 2019 at the Sound  Board at MotorCity Casino in Detroit.  

Applications are due by November 21, 2018.  Visit the ACEC/M website for more information and the application form.

2018 Firm of the Year - Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.

PSMJ Project Management Bootcamp Offered
January 17 & 18, 2019

ACEC/Michigan will host the popular PSMJ Project Management Bootcamp on January 17 - 18, 2019. Attendees will walk away with effective, actionable techniques from today's most successful PMs. Every bootcamp is designed to compress a wealth of knowledge and insight gained from decades of real-world PM experience into two information-packed days. These are the must-have techniques of today's most successful project managers - highly practical advice you'll find plenty of opportunities to apply immediately upon your return to the office.
ACEC/M Scholarships 
Application Deadline is January 4, 2019  
ACEC/Michigan is planning to award over $12,000 to engineering and surveying students enrolled in an ABET accredited College or University. Applications are now available on the ACEC/M website, and are due to ACEC by January 4, 2019. Applicants will be judged on a written essay, their work experience, employer/faculty recommendations, community involvement and their GPA.
Michigan Infrastructure Council
Appointments Announced
The Michigan Infrastructure Council was created to bring together local utility and infrastructure owners, regional representatives, finance and policy experts, and state department leaders to coordinate infrastructure-related goals and develop a long-term strategy for Michigan's infrastructure assets. The Council will construct the statewide asset management database, facilitate the data collection strategy, and produce a 30-year infrastructure investment and management strategy for the state of Michigan.
The Council consists of nine voting members: five Gubernatorial appointees and four members appointed by the leaders of the legislature. Members serve three-year terms.

Jon Kangas, Marquette
Appointed by the Governor
Term expiring 12/31/19
Kathleen Lomako
Appointed by the House Minority Leader
Term expiring 12/31/19
John Daly III, Flint
Appointed by the Senate Minority Leader
Term expiring 12/31/19
Palencia Mobley, Detroit
Appointed by the Governor
Term expiring 12/31/20
John Weiss
Appointed by the Senate Majority Leader
Term expiring 12/31/20
Dan Fredendall, Livonia  
Appointed by the Speaker of the House
Term expiring 12/31/20
Marco Bruzzano, Ann Arbor
Appointed by the Governor
Term expiring 12/31/21
David Wresinski, Holt
Appointed by the Governor
Term expiring 12/31/21
Erin Kuhn, Muskegon
Appointed by the Governor
Term expiring 12/31/21
Ex Officio Members
  • Chairperson of the Water Asset Management Council or their designee
  • Chairperson of the Transportation Asset Management Council or their designee
  • Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development or their designee
  • Director of the Department of Environmental Quality or their designee
  • Director of the Department of Natural Resources or their designee
  • Director of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget or their designee
  • Director of the State Transportation Department or their designee
  • State Treasurer or their designee
  • Chairperson of the Michigan Public Service Commission or their designee
Water Asset Management Council 
Appointments Announced 
The council will advise the Michigan Infrastructure Council on a statewide water asset management strategy, promote and oversee the implementation of the recommendations from the Regional Infrastructure Asset Management Pilot Program, and develop templates for water asset management plans.

One member from the Michigan Municipal League, from a list of two suggested candidates.
Appointed:  Scott House Director of Public Works, City of East Lansing
One member from the Michigan Townships Association, from a list of two suggested candidates.
Appointed:  Cameron Van Wyngarden Superintendent, Plainfield Charter Township
One member from the Michigan Association of Counties, from a list of two suggested candidates.
Appointed:  Scott Noesen Midland County Commissioner
One member from the Michigan Association of Drain Commissioners, from a list of two suggested candidates.
Appointed:  Evan Pratt, P.E. Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner
One member representing a regional drinking water, wastewater, or storm water authority.
Appointed:  Sue McCormick, Chief Executive Officer, Great Lakes Water Authority
One member representing a water infrastructure association.
Appointed:  Carrie Cox, Chief Engineer, Oakland County Water Resources Commission
One member with drinking water, wastewater, or storm water asset management experience.
Appointed:  Doug LaFave, Assistant City Manager, City of East Grand Rapids
One member representing a region.
Appointed:  Jane Fitzpatrick, Programs Manager, Eastern Michigan Council of Governments
One member from the Department of Environmental Quality
Aaron Keatley, Chief Deputy Director for the Department of Environmental Quality
2018 - 2019 SAVE THE DATES
Mark your calendar!
October 23-25, 2018: NHI Bridge Refresher, Lansing 
January 17-18, 2019: PSMJ Project Management Bootcamp, Lansing
January 31, 2019: MDOT-ACEC Partnering Workshop, Lansing
March 2, 2019: Engineering & Surveying Excellence Awards Gala, Detroit
April 17, 2019: AESLC Legislative Day, Lansing
May 16, 2019: Michigan Infrastructure Conference, Plymouth 
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