Dear Humanities Friends,

In our hearts, I think each of us is a champion for the humanities. How many of us have reread a page in a book and become motionless, overcome with emotion? Or participated in a philosophical discussion that left you breathless with new ideas and renewed passion? Or visited a historical place that gave you chills, just to be near what used to be?
Please help us celebrate the humanities here in Michigan on May 16 th at 5:30 p.m. at the University Club. We want to recognize a few of the shining examples of people and programs that help us to understand one another better, and make our state a great place to live, learn, and grow as humans. Think of a person or program that changed your life, or changed your community, and take some time before our deadline of May 1st to complete a nomination form online.
I shared so many examples of what makes Michigan Humanities unique on a recent trip to Washington, DC. Our legislators are so supportive of Poetry Out Loud, the Great Michigan Read, Third Coast Conversations, and the grants we fund across the state. They are particularly fascinated by what is being done in rural towns all over Michigan. Please know we are so proud to share what happens in your community. Take a moment to look at our annual report on our website .
With the launch of our rebranding, we will be doing more interactive work on social media and our website. Be prepared to share your humanities stories with a picture and a quick synopsis. We will be asking soon!
Happy Spring!


Shelly Hendrick Kasprzycki
President & CEO