Dear Humanities Friends,

Michigan is finally in full bloom, and we are certainly celebrating not only the good weather but also our wonderful Michigan Humanities Awards which took place on May 16. Special Guest Kerry Kennedy spoke so eloquently about the value of the humanities and their absolute necessity when serving others, being a leader, and understanding one another as we persevere into the future. 

In this e-news, we celebrate so many grants and programs that help Michigan’s citizens experience multiple perspectives. What greater gift is there than the opportunity to learn from each other through the common ground of history, music, poetry, literature, and philosophy? Those lessons are the human components that bring us together to find solutions to common problems and to strive for a better world.

Thank you for being an important part of our mission and vision. Please visit our website today for more information about our work, and to see the valuable role you play in celebrating humanities.

Shelly Hendrick Kasprzycki
President & CEO