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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mick Fury is a child of the 90s who was tired of the blame game from previous generations—Fury watched as his fellow Millennials were dragged by the media, talk show hosts and newspaper articles—and that's where the idea for his new album started. 1981-1996 is an anthemic 10-song collection that examines what it is to be part of a generation blamed for problems they didn’t create, that also acts as a Millennial rallying cry to create a better reality.

“All I ever hear is how we’re lazy, we get participation trophies, and we can’t afford houses because we eat too much avocado toast,” he says. “That’s bullshit. We’re the most open-minded, hard-working-for-beans, thoughtful generation yet, and we’ve watched the American Dream be snatched away from us like bullies taking a kid’s lunch money.“

One part Springsteen, one part Sturgill Simpson, a dash of Nirvana and a 90’s zest, it’s a musical cocktail you’re doomed to enjoy.


“There’s a number of hummable tunes on here, and there’s no denying Fury is blessed with a powerful and rich baritone.”

-Americana UK

“Mick Fury has given his generation a voice on his new anthemic

10-song album 1981-1996”

-WMOT Roots Radio Nashville

“Fury’s voice is superb. He asserts himself through these lyrics with authority. Mick Fury is no imitation - he rocks with the best of them.”

-Americana Highways


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Cranking up a mix tape equal parts Nirvana, Tupac, and Garth Brooks, Mick Fury hopped in his busted-up 1989 Mercury Tracer and moved across the country to the Sunset Strip in 2002. He was immediately met by a left hook from a homeless woman at a gas station, sending him sprawling to the ground. “That established sort of a nice rock bottom and I figured I could only go up from there.” Returning home a few years later to Syracuse NY, Mick’s hard rock band Silent Fury landed their song “Exit Wounds” in the movie Underworld and opened for Vertical Horizon, Spin Doctors, The Stone Temple Pilots and many more. The nights of hard drinking and carousing were taking their toll however and they needed a change. Mick packed his things again and moved to Nashville to try his hand at country music. His band began opening for Frankie Ballard, Craig Campbell, and Brothers Osborne. Finding “daisy dukes” and “jacked-up trucks” not really his thing, Mick felt himself migrating into Americana music. 

Mick began touring Solo, playing Key West Songwriter Fest, Americana Fest, St. Augustine Songwriter Fest and CMA Fest. His myriad histories seemed to merge together as one weekend he’d open for Travis Tritt, the next weekend he’d find himself on stage with his old friends Vertical Horizon. “I guess we’re inevitably the product of all of our choices - LA, NY and Nashville couldn’t just be dusted off, they’d become affixed to my musical soul.” 

In 2022 Mick was asked to be the composer for Cole Houser’s (Rip of Yellowstone) and Mel Gibson’s film PANAMA. Upon theatrical release, Panama landed in iTunes Movies Top 8 and Mick’s music was heard by hundreds of thousands of fans. Simultaneously Mick pulled his rock and roll ruffians back together and began plotting for a new Americana album. His album 1981-1996, the story of the Millennial struggle, was released in June 2023 to rave reviews, with Nashville’s WMOT Roots Radio saying, “Mick Fury has given a voice to his generation on his new anthemic 10-song album 1981-1996.”


2023 - Josie Award Nomination for Best Americana Artist

2023 - Great American Song Contest - Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting

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