JUNE 2020
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Psychedelic Medicine’s Long Strange Trip 

So, you’re an investor and you learn scientists have discovered a breakthrough treatment for depression. Naturally, you’re interested — the United States spends roughly 70 billion dollars a year to treat depressive disorders, the nation’s sixth most costly health condition. 
Can You Heal a Broken Reality with a Hallucination?
Depression often makes life bleak, hollow and lonely. Psilocybin therapy offers what many desperately need: hope.
 ‘Have a Good Trip’ is worth the trip
And proves musicians are better at drugs than comedians
Rapper A$AP Rocky has one of the most memorable stories in the new Netflix documentary, “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics.”
He warns us that the anecdote is “a bit vulgar and raunchy,” and goes on to describe an amorous evening with an unnamed woman while tripping on LSD for the first time.