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Ray Friedrich
The Digital Checkouts kiosk, shown by Ray Friedrich, accepts credit and stored value cards. It also accepts and dispenses cash and coins. 
Micro markets have given new life to refreshment services over the last several years. They have allowed vending operators to offer more product variety with an upfront investment that in many cases is less than that of a vending bank.

Micro markets have also played a role improving manual feeding in corporate cafeterias. Customers can pick up orders at the food counter and pay for them by scanning the packages at a micro market payment kiosk. In some cases, the  micro market has eliminated the need for a cashier.

A newly developed kiosk from startup Digital Checkouts now allows patrons to place and pay for orders in advance, eliminating the need to pay at the kiosk after picking up the order. This improves the speed of service and removes the need for the servers to attach bar codes to orders .

Ray Friedrich, CEO of Sterling Services Inc., a Canton, Mich.-based refreshment services company, has spearheaded the development of self order kiosks and has deployed them in several industrial cafeterias. He claims the self order kiosks allow patrons to be served faster and significantly improves the economics of a manual feeding operation.

Canteloupe Systems Intregates with Gimme Vending
Cantaloupe Systems, a provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end vending and payments solution, has partnered with Gimme Vending to integrate Gimme Vending's Bluetooth technology into its front-end driver software, Seed Mobile.
Gimme's technology provides users with a wireless device for drivers to download DEX from machines in areas where it is impossible or impractical for a telemetry device, or in areas with little to no cell coverage.
The Seed key fits in a driver's pocket and allows operators to connect their entire operation. The key also integrates with Seed Mobile, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for security and easier setup than legacy Bluetooth devices.
The Seed key enables DEX-ing without clumsy and expensive cables and doesn't require set up or pairing. It is a rugged IP67 device that is waterproof, dustproof and drop proof without flimsy clips.

Southern Refreshment Services
Southern Refreshment Services, a Canteen franchise based in Tucker, Ga., is using power protection technology from Innovolt Inc. to protect vending and micro market machines.

Southern Refreshment Services hopes to enhance its service quality by lowering downtime and service calls for its vending machines, micro market kiosks and office coffee brewers. 

Innovolt's power protection solutions combine patented sensor, remediation, monitoring and analytics technologies to help companies safeguard and optimize the performance, productivity and usable life of electronics.
Southern Refreshment Services determined that the solutions demonstrated significant service call savings and delivered an expected timely return on investment.

"Southern Refreshment Services is excited to work with Innovolt, the power protection leader in the vending space," said   Jeff Parks , president, Southern Refreshment Services. "We have thoroughly evaluated their solutions and look forward to leveraging their technology to provide better service to our Southern customer family. Both companies are focused on customer satisfaction, lowering expense, and increasing uptime and revenue."

Apriva, a provider of omnichannel payment solutions and secure mobile communications, and Parlevel Systems, a provider of vending technology solutions, have teamed to provide a one-stop-shop solution for vending operators through the support of campus cards.

In this partnership with Apriva, Parlevel delivers a full range of hardware, equipment financing, flexible payment processing, campus processing and analytics tools, all powered by a vending management system.

Apriva 's gateway platform provides the opportunity to accept campus card payments everywhere, expand shared revenue and create a seamless shopping experience. 

Parlevel Systems
Apriva's gateway offers security with end-to-end encryption, tokenization and EMV capabilities while connecting a variety of 
payment devices to over 30 processors accepting major debit and credit cards, in addition to campus cards in both the U.S. and Canada
Lane Jumper _1 Mobile App Payment System
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